Anyone have this annoying WP problem?

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I have been trying to figure out how to remove the gray transparency that pops up each time a new image shows up on a site I am building. It's at the top left where the slide show plays.

Can anyone tell me what page to edit and what to change to remove this? It's sure annoying.

Also...if you can help with how to move the video up on the sidebar. I haven't been able to figure that out either. I'd really like to place some 125x125 images above the video first. I can't see anything in the code that is pushing the video down like that. is the site.

I know that sounds like a lot. But you should see what I already figured out for myself. For one, I removed the text that was on the gray transparency. That helped. And this theme came with a split header so that you could have an ad across the top and I managed to make it into a single header.

Those kind of things are sort of work and fun mixed together. I love the challenge but hate when I hit a wall.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I'd be happy to trade work with someone if they want to just fix it up for me.

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    The gray in your homepage slider is probably defined by the theme you are using. First, I'd check within the theme panels and documentation to see if there is a way to turn off the gray (probably used to add text or title on picture). If that doesn't yield any results, take a look at the coding for the home page. It seems to be different in different themes (depends on who programmed it). Lately, I've seen it as home-page.php, but this would be a case where you could select the template to use for the homepage. The other place the code may be hiding is in the header (header.php).

    If you're going to start playing with the code, be sure to make a copy of the original just in case. I've found it never fails that I start doing a minor tweak and it turns into a huge project . . .and I wished I still had the original to go back to . . .

    By the way .. .good job figuring all this out. It is quite a challenge!

    Theresa 8-)

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      Gallery issue: That's an information panel for the image...there should be a setting w/in the gallery plugin you're using giving you the option to show the information panel or not. Un-check it or set it to false, w/e the plugin has available. If you don't find any options, let us know what plugin you're using to generate the gallery & maybe we can figure it out.

      Video: Not sure if those bullets are supposed to be in the sidebar, not familiar with the theme, but would assume the video dimensions are bigger than the sidebar, forcing the sidebar content down. Try reducing display width of the video in the sidebar & let us know...if that doesn't work...Does it still happen when the video is removed/a different standard widget is placed in the same location? Is that a plugin based widget or HTML widget with the code embedded? Do you know how wide your sidebar is?

      Good luck
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    The gray area poping up sure looks like an ad slide-in (up) script is being triggered (like those we have on You Tube now :-( ). Check your plugins if you don't find anything with the theme...

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    For the video you dont have any styling done for these.

    Make these changes in your CSS

    PHP Code:
    ul {
    stylenone outside none;

    PHP Code:
    .sidebarvideo {
    margin-top: -250px;

    Probably not the best way. But it gets the job done in FF at least.

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