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Is there a meta tag to specify the locale of the website?

I have a site designed for canadian residents only, and want to target purely canadian audience/keywords.

Worried the site will be indexed for google.com instead of google.ca which would be a waste of time.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Please go to google webmasters tool.
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    But you require Canadian server for your website to get targeted traffic to your site.
    Use also country keyword on your site from where you need to get traffic.
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      Here is a neat link I use when I do a geo location for a site
      Geo Tag Generator

      I have heard rumor this helps with better placement on B too for what its worth.
      Another great option is the hcard microformat located here hCard 1.0 ยท Microformats Wiki

      Both of those should help with specifying where you want to be, and with that I would hope G would put you in the right place.
      Perhaps supplanting some geo targeted ppc ( with some language specific targeting perhaps? )for a few months on some low cost keywords might help out too.

      Hope this helps

      I am grateful to be involved in an ever changing advertising/marketing industry and proud to live in the Tacoma Wasington area. How's it goin?

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    There is no such meta tag that I know of.

    One thing that would help is to put the word Canadian in your title, and in the description and keywords meta tags. If the site is about pancakes, make it about Canadian pancakes. The title will show up in search results. You could even make it CANADIAN ONLY!!! pancakes.

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    Like dezijee001 already stated, google webmaster tools -> site configuration -> settings -> Geographic target. Thats the way to do it.
    And beside that, if site is hosted in Canada google will know to index it to google.ca. And site will also be indexed by google.com no matter what.
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    Originally Posted by FTCNick View Post

    I have a site designed for canadian residents only, and...
    But the designer who designed that site, is still waiting for the 2nd half of payment and a response from you. For nearly a month now!

    Hit me up!
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    I know the DNA of these features. Ping me up
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