"Which is the best place to start leaning html"

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Hi Warriors.

I've been playing around with dreamweaver for some time and can make a basic website, but i have to do this in dreamweaver in the design view or split code view. I can use tables and very little css work but get very frustrated when it comes to other things. I ask questions to members and in other forums ( forgive me ), but as i am not a web designer i can never understand any of the code, what it means or how to use it so on and so on.

I have only just started looking at IM Seriously at a late stage in my life, I tryed it once before but only played at it and did not treat it seriousley which is why i failed the first time round. So now that i do take it seriousley i need to progress with dreamweaver in order to achive the goals i have set for myself.

I now need to lean the basics of html and was wondering if any one could point me in the right direction to something i could get ( preferably free at this stage) to start me off at trying to learn html. I am Quite old to some people and not very tec minded but are still willing to lean.

I would be greatfull if anybody could help, thanx.

By the way, is there a spell check when i'm posting or replying to a thread, not very well educated in my day at school. Some of the spelling hoever is that some of my keys on the pc don't work properly.
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    Just start reading here

    HTML Tutorial

    My free PSD logs can be downloaded at PSD Bum. Enjoy!

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    Thanks verymuch for directing me to this site, it's great for me as beginner, THANKS.

    Give everyone a chance

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    Alan, you didn't go into your history or goals but you might want to consider either going the blog route (which doesn't require much knowledge of html), or just outsourcing it. Trying to learn these things from scratch when you're not tech-minded (I can relate) can sometimes really hold you back. Being that time is always a factor, it might make sense for you to hire it out so you can concentrate on your strengths and move your company/website along much quicker. Calculate the hours you're investing and weigh time vs. money component. - Good luck!


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    I started designing sites in 1998, and from that time till now there are 2 primary ways I learn.

    1. Using Firefox's Web Developer addon, I dissect sites. I examine their html, their css, and their javascript so that I can see how things relate to each other. I don't steal their code, I just observe.

    2. Google. 99% of the things I've learned, I've learned by coming up against problems and googling to find the answers.

    Brandon Cox @ Blogging for Income

    Grab my Free Download - 101 Ways to Expand Your Online Influence.

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    I'm a big fan of the Lynda.com tutorials.
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    Originally Posted by alan9187 View Post

    some of my keys on the pc don't work properly.
    Well, that is enthusiastic, but you'll need them. Hope you have at least html body<> / p a href= etc etc. It is going to be a real pain working on sites without a good keyboard.

    Is shoplifting an option? (I'm not serious.)

    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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    If you want a good HTML Reference plus a good topic by topic quick view take a look at the w3schools.com site
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