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I need a designer/coder to fix my website

I want to make it look clean and professional plus function probably.

I will welcome ideas and suggestions for this.


David B.
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    Hi David,
    Just a couple thoughts/suggestions...I usually try to stick with simple and clean.
    While the moving images seem to look cool to the site's designers, etc, from a user perspective...people just want to know...can you help them solve their problem.

    I'd probably do without that, work on making the menu more navigable, etc.
    Also, I'd probably do away with the tropical scene. Again, this looks nice, and inviting, but it's taking people's eyes away from what you reallllly want them to look at...your information.

    At least those are some of my thoughts. But, everybody has their own preferences on stuff.


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    I would just grab a cheap premium Wordpress theme from Theme Forrest

    Corporate - WordPress - ThemeForest

    I agree with Brandon. Keep it simple, clean and readable. For me, the whole island design was a bit confusing. I'd also put the word Utah or "Servicing Utah" under the logo. This way potential customers immediately know they are in the right place.

    After you clean up the site, I'd focus efforts on getting to the top of Google and Google Maps. Get that sucker generating leads (phone calls).

    Finally, say I DO land on your site...what's your USP (Unique Sales Proposition). I mean, why should I "go" with you instead of the next guy. Yeah, do a "good job" and "your reliable". Everybody says that. But seriously, what can you offer me that none of your competitors are doing.

    Can you make me an irresistible offer?
    What's for dinner tonight? Fast, easy, awesome recipes to keep the wife and kids happy!

    The Man's Cookbook
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    This is the theme?

    Anthony is right about wp themes. There are some free ones out there too.

    It is over whelming to the eye. It makes me want to click backwards as fast as possible. Keep it simple and direct. Give the eye a focus spot when it first lands on your site, for example a nice graphic or a headline graphic. Then direct the eye down the page to what you want them to see next. Make it easy to read. Don't over kill them with TMI. Grab there attention right off the bat and then keep their interest with good copy and graphics. Tell them what you want them to do once you peek their interest. Too many videos and they'll shut down and click backwards.

    Keep it simple and good luck.
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    Actually, i like your website template. I don't recommend you to change it, it suits your site. However you would need to edit this template to change few things for example the footer of this template. You may add few more details on your home page such as testimonials or some kind of video about your business. I would recommend you to change the color scheme of your website too. The color seems at the moment look like a water color painting.
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    Whoever says your site is OK and user-friendly... is a liar. Big time liar

    Regardless of my WP experience: I have one of the problems mentioned on your site with my roof but I could hardly discover the answer/solution to it because one million (too) colorful moving gizmos are distracting my attention.

    Also, the design (theme?) is inconsistent with your message: seeing a tropical island I would never assume you are offering solution for residential ice dam issues - a thing that occurs here in Canada... but during my trips I have never experienced it on tropical islands.

    Make it simple, clean, one layer, less colours. You are not presenting your site to a "geek webdesign jury" but to simple customers who want an answer when they have a problem. on a site that is easy to navigate and to understand.

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    Hi David. I took a look at the site and have a few suggestions.

    First, remove all those images in the background, they pull your eye away from the text. Just leave a nice solid BG or a very light pattern, nothing too busy. If you want to go with the "island' feel then try aquas and blues to give that off.

    Second, the text is really hard to read. It is much too bold. Try an Arial, Verdana, Tahoma or Georgia. Use the bold only for emphasis and sparingly.

    Third, I have to agree with Brandony on the moving image, it is quite distracting as well. A stationary pic or a slider would be less so.

    There are so many great free themes out there these days, even new for 3.0 and up. Just do a search for "Clean Free Wordpress Themes" and make sure you choose a timeframe for posts in the past 3-4 months so you are more likely to get links to 3.0 themes.

    If you need any help in the CSS of the theme PM me and I'll give you a hand.

    Good luck!
    Deirdre J. Baker
    CEO - Superior Business Management Solutions, LLC
    Support Services for Small Biz and Entrepreneurs

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    Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. Looks like I will have to use a new theme.
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