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Let's say that I want to create a very basic website that has five pages or so. All pages have the same header, footer and navigation. Obviously, it's very inefficient to create these in all pages page by page. Does DreamWeaver have a feature to create a ... template? What I want to do is to create common components like header, footer and navigation just once. Also if and when I modify them, I want all other pages to be updated automatically. Can this be done using DreamWeaver?
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    Yes, there is a template feature. At least I know it exists in CS4 and up. Honestly, I haven't worked with DreamWeaver in almost a year. I couldn't walk you through the process.

    Dreamweaver templates: Customizable starter designs for beginners | Adobe Developer Connection
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      Yes, Dreamweaver allows you to create a template and it is not just for CS4. I own Dreamweaver CS3 and this feature has long since been available. However, the steps for going about it are different for certain versions of Dreamweaver.

      Anyways, I'm assuming you're creating things from scratch? If so, design your website according to your needs and then simply select the section where you will be adding text. You'll need to create an "Editable Region" that will allow you to only edit this specific part of the page -- ensuring that your header, navigation, etc stays the same for each page that you create.

      Here is a more detailed explanation of what I'm talking about:

      Insert Editable Regions in the Dreamweaver Template

      Lynda Web Design Tutorials, Editable and Locked Regions

      It really isn't hard and only requires a few clicks.
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    There is a template in Dream weaver features. At least I know that it exists more in CS4. Honestly, I did not use Dream-weaver for nearly a year. I can not accompany you through the process.
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    Dreamweaver is the best software and also it is much beneficial for making website. I am also using this for my use. It is very convinient to all web developers and also it is used mostly by the web developers as compare to others.
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    My favorite tool is CS3 with a book on the side called Adobe dreamweaver CS3 hands on training by Garrick Chow...
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