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I just finished my first website and it would be a great help if experienced web designers could give me their input as to what works and what doesn't.

Here is the link:

Jim Cooper
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    (is this spam?)

    either way, put some relevant keywords in your <title> tags.
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    From which point of view do you need a review? SEO or Copywriting? If both, I 'm afraid I won't have time for a detailed review.

    Take care,

    Bernard St-Pierre
    Marketing Consultant
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      Hi alcymart,
      Since this is my first attempt at creating a website I am in terested in the input of someone who has experience in website design and in particular the graphic design aspect. Is the site visually appealing? Does it flow? etc

      Jim Cooper
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    Just another one pager sales spam site. I would focus on building an actual website that will influence trust.
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    iAmNameLess, Actually it is two pages. thanks for the input
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    For a first attempt at web design it's not bad at all, though I do feel it's missing that special "something". Can't quite put my finger on it. The colours work well, but doesn't seem to catch the eye quite enough and looks a little bit "same-old".
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      Hi Craig,
      Thanks for the comments. Obviously I am at the beginning of the "learning curve" I will spend time looking for that missing 'something".

      Thanks for the help.
      Jim Cooper
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    Hi jlmconnection, I design minisites such as the one you have posted for review, I don't deal with copy or seo etc, just the graphic design(not going to pitch you anything here), I hope like me when i ask for comments you are open to critisisam as you will get the best results. Blue is ok for the coulor but the backgound is to strong in blue for me. A gradiant or split colour would be better for the background graphic. The header graphic lacks appeal, no problem with the girl with tape mesure but the light beams and specles to right hand side of the girl look like a cristmas graphic and not related to the dieting.

    Your sales page overall is not very appealing and bland, the graphics for the experts are poor graphics, you can see that the gold reath is around a pic not very well put together.

    Your area that states.... See what people are saying about Kardena's vegetarian nutritional system. should also have graphics such as Tesimonial boxes, the statement it'self would probably be better as a graphic. The boxes you have for the testimonials at present are to bold on the blue borders and would rec if you dont want to use graphics in this area that you use dashed lines ( a johnson box ), and no more than 2 0r 3 pxl's, tone down the gray background or change the colour to very light grayish pastel yellow.

    Use a graphic for your payment at the bottom of the page, much better than a link.

    You DON'T have a graphic for the actual product you are selling, Your introducing a product nobody can see what looks like, You should have an ebook cover and a cd cover with graphics to show your customers what they are buying. what about a graphic for: The 103 page My Dieting Resource Weight Loss Guide as this is within the overall package.

    For the type of overall package/product you are selling here a would recomend you use a themed minisite for it, What about a Squeeze page giving a small sample of what your customers will get for free to build a growing list of customers that you can promote to ? how about the "The 103 page My Dieting Resource Weight Loss Guide", your giving it away free any way as a bonus, You can use this in both ways, as you have it now if people buy right from the site, And put a section at the bottom stating that the customer can get a feel for the quality of the product geting them to sign up for free on a squeeze page, when visitors get something for free and it is quality you will get other sales for your product, but again going back to the look of your site you need good graphics for this to work, if it looks good it taste good, people will buy if you have a stunning visual product and you will get more conversions from the site.

    I myself still ask for members comments on the designs i make, some are BRUTALY critical indeed but i learn from them and do not take offence as i will grow stronger from taking there comments on board.

    Hope this has been of use to you.

    Give everyone a chance

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    I will do a quick review as it is very late.

    Ok I am no designer nor am I a programmer But I am a buyer and most of the time you are trying to please me .

    Before I go into it I would like to ask if this is an AUTO generated template??? Did you hand code it or was it created using some software?

    Here are my suggestions:

    The Look & FEEL

    Observation: There is TOO much of blue in there.

    • I think you must change the background ASAP. It is making your design look very 90s and the whole page looks bulky. First thing I thought after seeing your site was "Is it table based?"
    • Remove this image "obj1522geo912shd233pg30p22.jpg". I know you are thinking where is this image?? We will discuss the HTML part of your design later. This is the image used as the border for your DIV Oobj1522. This IMAGE should not be there in the design at all (Delete this DIV and get rid of the bulkiness of your page, you will notice a nice change immediately)
    • I, in your place would Give it a lighter tone. I tried #DFEEFF color on your page and it was nice. I also tried grey(liked it as well) and black which all looked better than the blue BG that is there now. so try different tones and shades and gradients if you prefer.

    Attention: When you do delete as above, the DIV Omdrtop2 and DIV Oobj1523 do not get aligned properly. Correct it. Seems as if this alignment issue was masked with the bulky border image

    • The BULLETS do not work. Specially nowadays when we have wonderful wp plugins that create great looking and well converting sales pages (like OptimizePress). Bullets must convey the benefits in a glance, without straining the prospects eyes. Just look at good sales pages from the gurus. They create great sales/landing pages that convert well no matter how the product is. You can learn a lot by just seeing them sell.
    • The Experts Picture and Their background bullet points must be put into a box (may be a DIV) with a border to it with slight shading. if you do that you wont need the blue line as a separation. The shaded box with the pic and the bullets will do that.
    • Remove the Golden leaves around the picture. Looks amatuer.
    • Reduce the BORDER width of the Testimonials from 8px to either 3 or so.
    • Create a BUTTON for "Click here to buy now". (Follow the gurus as suggested above). If you do not want a button, Change the SIZE and COLOR and make it look distinct. (This is what will make you money buddy).
    • The same rules applies to the link at the bottom of the page that says "Click here to BUY the I WISH..." & "Click here to Read more".
    • The naming conventions used are not proper.Eg: Name of DIV centered can be DIV Container and Name of DIV Oobj1523 can be DIV main.
    • These names are not fixed but just giving you an idea of how it must be. They must be understandable to the human and easily editable.
    • The webpage is not properly structured.
    Eg: Presently it is like this
    DIV Centered
    DIV Oobj1523
    DIV Oobj1524
    DIV Oobj1525

    Eg: Ideally it must be like this

    DIV Centered
    DIV Oobj1523
    DIV Oobj1524
    DIV Oobj1525
    Hope you got the idea.

    Oops ... was going through the code from the bottom up and realised I was right in what I thought. Found a mention of the site spinner you used.

    Think I should have checked it earlier, I would not have wasted an hour of my time on a website built by a software.

    Anyways its 3 and I should sleep.
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      Your site is looking good. Just to change your background color with lighter color.
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        Since I asked for input it would be stupid of me to reject that input from people who are more experienced than me. All the suggestions about color, border, graphics, and content are very helpful and I will implement those changes. I'd rather experience some "pain" now that put up a page that doesn't work and no one will read and experience "pain" then.

        Again, thanks to everyone who has commented, provided input, suggstoins etc. I know everyone is busy and I appreciate you taking the time to help me on this project.

        Best Regards,
        Jim Cooper
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    Good piece of website work
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    I have different view. I'm going to criticize your website.
    1)- No title tag
    2)- Poor graphics
    3)- Too much details (You can avoid this by having little detail and then read more button)
    4)- No trust symbol like BBB, Geotrust...
    5)- No guarantees
    6)- Pricing need to be above the fold
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    hi there.
    I'm a newbie, but hopes it count.
    1. The background should be a little lighter.
    2. Highlighting the text will guarantee ppl reading your main points. Most of the time people only speed reading, including me. After a quick recap of your site for the first time, I still got no idea what's your product main points.
    3. the box border makes your site somehow a bit older fashion. better use a thin line with suitable colour .
    4. I can see that your sites already got buttons added. It's looking greater than earlier, but the text is just a little off, isn't it? (maybe because you are still adjusting it).

    Well. Over all, that's a nice try. I'll get there soon. And by the time I get there, please help me to review as well.



    William Prawira

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    I would add a video. Non-video squeeze pages don't convert as well as video squeeze pages - especially in the health niche.
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      Not bad for a first attempt i suppose. Check out W3C for coding tips
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    In order to see how success full your landing page design, i would advise you to create a new version and then put the two version in A/B testing and see which page receive more conversions
    Landing page design focus to improve Inquiry or Sales.
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    Hi jlm,

    For your first attempt you have done a marvelous job. It seems to be well laid out and has lots of testimonials which I think are very important.

    Keep up the good work, you will improve with practise.
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    Lovely site my have done some amazing design.
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    Not a site that would get much traffic or become something to profit from.

    Just my opinion
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      , what do think ?, or anybody thats looking.

      Give everyone a chance

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    I agree with many of the comments on the graphics, that they could be improved, and as a buyer I like to see a picture of the product too. A little too much blue. A 'buy Now' button would be better than a link.

    Its not an easy thing to open yourself/your website to criticism, so good for you.
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    Well as the members upside said you need to fix a loot of problems but i will probably suggest to change the background buts it hurt eyes !!
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    Originally Posted by jlmconnection View Post

    I just finished my first website and it would be a great help if experienced web designers could give me their input as to what works and what doesn't.

    Here is the link:

    Jim Cooper
    Your site contains useful content but it looks very very simple with lengthier contents this make visitors annoying so it can be it can be with little bit of animation with left and right columns either one is enough this make ur site looks good this is just my opinion on your site
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    looks like another spam site
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      Very plain. Give it even just a background design.
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        Nice. Cool job, not bad for your first web site. I really like it. Good work! Keep it up! I hope your future career will be a success.
        Ella - Graphic Design Company
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    Its ok for your first job.
    Poor design to get sales.
    Really, really bad for get a happy client.


    Poor graphics.
    I mean in the header you should put a rock image according your topic, a sexy girl vs a very fat woman, or just the sexy skinny girl showing a big smile.
    Big, i mean really big letters on your title, thats good, but get a good font.
    Testimonials, group them in a section i do not want going trough your site and see one testimonial after one, and after one and after one in all long page..
    Change the background, check the palettes at adobe kuler, get an idea bout good colors.
    Maybe change the background with a current pattern.
    There is no ecover for your main product, only for your bonuses.
    Poor ecover. And poor title on your ecover. You need change it.
    And you should design a paypal button so it looks like a 'big call action' button.

    Html code.

    The divs should be well nested.
    And well commented.
    I would put the css file apart.
    For unordered list do not use UL, use ul, and for BR use br.

    I would give it a 5/10.

    ups, forgot it was a simple review, sorry.
    keep it up , boy.

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    Build an actual website. I personally find these web pages with what seems like unlimited info to be quite annoying. Oh and the comic sans is a bit annoying. Otherwise you may have something here.
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    Love At First "SITE". First sites are always memorable. But end of the day a site is meant for Earning Money & Popularity. Everybody here are experienced and they've commented from their experience and angle of views and speciality. I personally suggest to follow your niche. You don't need to be too creative in your first site. Find the most successful sites of your niche and follow their path (not copy-paste). Because they've already figured out what their customers like. Save your creativity for the stage when you're already selling and earning money.

    I'm not yet an expert. But my success started with this. Wish you success.
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    I would add a header to really make your site stick out from the rest. Get a diet related header with images.
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    You need to add more images to make the site more appealing.
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    Don't know if this was said already but the Header has TOO MANY WORDS. People won't read all that. People these days have very SHORT ATTENTION SPANS. Keep it to a few words, the most important words.
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    For me, it does not look professional and good. It's like a squeeze page not a website. People may perceived it in different way (worse spam), so you may want to invest time and effort in building a real website that contains essential elements such as navigational menu. Try to improve it I know you can do better. Good luck!
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      1- many of your testimonial boxes are sort of cut short, so the last line of words is missing

      2 - you have no contact details or any sort, no way I would hand over money to an anonymous site, don't you even have an email address?

      3 - "After months of work the result was the 'My Dieting Resource Weight Loss Guide' eBook. This eBook normally sells for $47.00 but it is FREE when you purchase"
      Where is this book being sold for $47? I googled the title but there was no other reference to it anywhere bar your site here.
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    Looks spam to me.. didnt got the purpose of the website..

    Limo Hire London

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  • You need a nav menu. The page being one long continuous page does not work. Make several different pages
    Reverse Engineering Faro, Romer, & MicroScribe
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