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Creating a website from start to finish is GREAT! You've come to the right place! You've just come across one of the very few sites that will allow you to learn the facts before you make your creation and you will create a better website without no problem.
First 2 thing you must know to Start A Website

1. Domain Name
2. WebHost

First question you should ask yourself is what is a domain name?
why don't you let us save time a domain name is the name of a website and can end in .com, . net, .org, .info and more.
.Ex.(face,,hot are domain names.So the next step is how to register a domain name.

How To Register Your Domain Name
Registering a domain is very easy and usually very cost friendly. There are a number of different registrar's offering the same service but, at different costs.
Don't rush this step, you'll want to read this whole page before continuing as you'll learn things not taught by most experienced web designers/developers online. Most miss the importance and I will not let you miss out.

A domain name makes up the address of your site and can end in .com, . net, .org, .info andmore.
to register, i always use hostgator and web4africa because they are reliable,fast and secured that should be the best option for you website(SSL).

Choosing The Best Domain Name
Here are some more tips on choosing the best domain name:

Keep your domain name short and easy to remember: Too many words or trying to be too creative will do little good if the customer has a hard time trying to remember it.

Adding your location to your domain may help people find you easier through a local search where information or a product is wanted or needed.

Don't make up words: Though it's been successful for search engines like Google and Yahoo unless you have a sizable budget to make your site (domain name) a branding word I recommend going with a combination of words (keywords) which actually mean something.

After registration, the next thing is web hosting that is very simple and easy,all you have to do is to follow the instruction of the of the website you are registering with.
Building Your Website Page by Page:
Building a website requires that you work on one page at a time. To build your site you should be familiar with:
  • Wordpress-this is one of the easiest script for building blogs,and you can get the e book from {}by reading their content on wordpress and as well create your website free
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i wish you good luck
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