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Hi There,

I am looking for a wordpress blog theme (free/premium) that can fit local businesses (dentists, local bar, restaurants, chiropractor, etc). I hope that it is easy enough to customize.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Thank you,

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    I am looking for some too. Did you already find some? Let me know if you did. Thanks
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    Check Themeforest. Great themes, amazing prices, very good support - especially with a bunch of respected coders.

    Really the best bang for your buck if you're looking for themed WP themes.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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      Elegant themes definitely tops the list, probably the best themed webdesign I have ever seen. So clean, so well coded, such cutting edge Jquery.

      For 40 bux you get access to 60 themes and they're all AMAZING.
      Cheaper and better than Themeforest in my opinion.

      If you're looking for free stuff try Green Stimulus or SimplyBiz.

      However with Simply Biz be prepared to de-obfuscate some javascript to get rid of unwanted footer links (you'll see what I mean).
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        how would one deal with the obfuscated code?
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    They have 3-4 business themes which have plenty of design options and flexibility
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      you can buy themes from this site: webdesign-affordable dot com

      remove dots by .
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    I will prefer you to design custom theme for your website. AS premium theme has following two main drawbacks for me.
    1: it is not cent percent according to your requirements
    2: the theme is not unique other people have also purchase that so you website look will be not unique in the internet world.
    but if your budget is low below $150 then you should go with the premium theme option
    Nauman k
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