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I am an experienced web developer, looking to help some folks with their mini-sites. By that I mean small websites, 1 to 10 pages in size that are primarily static content. (not blogs) Things like sales letters, landing pages, articles, affiliate sites, etc.

I'm developing some new software called MiniSiteMaker (MiniSiteMaker - Simple Websites for IM | MiniSiteMaker) that is focused on making minisites easy and quick to build and I'm looking for some people to try it out.

I'm using it myself (have been for a couple years) but need some outside perspective to see what might be confusing, or need improvement, or missing features.

Ideal applicants:
  • You have an active minisite using static html pages that is out of date because it's so annoying/time-consuming to make changes
  • OR You're using Wordpress to make your minisite and are frustrated with the confusing extra features you don't want/need/use for a simple non-blog site.
What you get:
  • MiniSiteMaker software installed on your site, with personal support from me any time there's a question or issue.
  • Professional design help to make your template look awesome.
What I ask of you:
  • That you're ready and willing to transfer or write content for the pages to make your site a finished product
  • A testimonial of your experience
  • Permission to use your site as a "portfolio piece"
Hopefully I've explained this so that you're not still looking for the hidden "catch". Call it "review copies" or "beta testers"... I just want to help some people use MiniSiteMaker and get feedback.

How to apply:

If you feel like a good fit, please PM or reply here and I'll get in touch. If you have an active minisite you'd like to nominate for an overhaul, please send the URL.

Obviously, with the time involved I can't necessarily help everybody, but I will at least give you a personal reply to any messages.

If you're just curious, but not quite ready, you can learn more about the software at MiniSiteMaker - Simple Websites for IM | MiniSiteMaker

Thanks for your time and attention,

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