Looking for someone to build a lot more banners for affiliate page.

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I have a very new clickbank product that I am waiting for approval on. While I am waiting I would like to get some prices on adding a bunch more unique banners to my affiliate page. Right now I have the main product two different ways and two banners. I was thinking about adding several more different sizes. Some small ones, some medium size ones, some header type styles in different sizes and some that have flash too.

Whomever gets the job, I would like to give them the current affiliate.htm file and have them add their banners to it and send me back the completed file. That way all I have to do is FTP it up to get it to work.

I'm looking for these to attract someone to my sales page. The last guy that said he could do it, he basically did a header graphic with no "Sales pitch" type of text to get them to click. Not exactly what I was after, so if you can do that, please let me know the sizes that you can do and the prices of each. Also, please include flash if you can do it too and how long it would take to complete a banner.

It all depend on price and time per banner as to how many I will do.

If you can recommend someone, please post their info.

I look forward to any responses. Please PM me your details if you want to give me a price and show some examples of your work.

Thank you,
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