can you please review my decent wallpaper site

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My website is new little over few day old, and i just upload 300k Wallpapers you can Download Free wallpapers, Cars wallpaper, Computers wallpapers, windows wallpapers, mobiles wallpapers, computer wallpapers, Hollywood Celebrities wallpapers, Male celebrities wallpapers, movies wllpapers, screensavers, Motorcycles wallpaper, animals wallpaper, nature wallpapers, worlds wallpapers, Female celebrities wallpapers,
please make a honest review thank you | Decent Wallpapers - Free Wallpapers -
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    you have a good wallpaper site, but some categories are empty, eg- animals
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    looks nice but you can still reduce the length of
    image gallery so that image gallery and right side are
    at the same alignment
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    hi i have clicked on the link twice now and both times got page cannot be displayed
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    Your logo looks a bit "lonely". I suggest to add your company name there.
    + what do you think of changing the color when someone hovers over the category? Looks a bit boring in black.
    But generally you have a decent site
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  • I would add an eye-catching header. I like the cool W, but the header is too empty for me.
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    Nice Website
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    I clicked on several categories that were empty. Normally when I go to a site if I click categories and they are empty I end up leaving rather than trying to find a category that does have something in it. I'd either add some wallpapers to those categories or remove the category from the list.

    One other thing to note, since your site is new and doesn't have traffic, i'd recommend having some people you know actually go through and rate some so the bottom middle footer is not empty.

    I like the overall structure though
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    Awesome, it also aims to make this kind of site....
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      Nice site.
      I agree with the logo, even a larger and slimmer font will do.
      I would prefer each category to highlight on mouseover instead of the whole row, but either way is ok.

      Why does the search box glow hot pink?
      It's a cool touch but highlights nowhere else like that, perhaps lose the gradient over the navigation highlights and replace with that portion of the top line that hot pink, incorporating it.

      Also, the "search" term in the search box should disappear when you click on the search box, nit just highlight

      It's nice.


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