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Can anyone help me?

I'm trying to organize my review site. I have tried for the last 6 hours to figure out the following:

1. The <--more--> feature. When I put this in my posts, there is a break but the link will not expand to be able to view the full post entry.

2. All my posts on the home page are assigned to categories. On my side bar I have list of all new posts. How do I make this links clickable? I want the ability to view my posts on individual URLs.

I have surfed and watched so many Youtube videos but none seem to address my problem.

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    I'm not sure about the problem with the more feature but this may help with the posts in the side bar. I use two plugins which enables you to list all of your posts in the sidebar (and they are clickable links to the individual post).

    The first plugin you'll need is called Show Post Shortcode, install and activate this one then you don't need to do anything else to it. Then install the Sidebar Shortcodes plugin. Now go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Text widget over to the sidebar. Name it posts or whatever you want and in the content area put [showposts]. Done, you should now see your posts as clickable links in the sidebar.

    (When your in the widgets section you'll also need to drag over any other sidebar widgets you had there ie. categories, links as I've found that the sidebar shortcodes plugin overrides your existing sidebar)
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    Usually the 'More' link breaks the post on the front page and takes you to the full post when you click the post title (on the front page).


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      Thanks for sharing information ... I was interested in this question too
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    What WordPress Theme are you using? The theme can override the normal behaviour of the more command - that may be why you are not getting the results you expect
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    Thanks for the reponses.
    I am using the flexibility theme, I also tried the Twenty Ten theme with the same results.

    Thansks Bella for your suggestion; anybody have an alternative to using plugins? I dont want to load to many plugins on my site if I can avoid it. I was hoping someone would have a code I can add to my templates to make the posts go to an individual page. I amen whats the point of a post permalink if I cant view the post on its own page?

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