How Important is color choice for sites and blogs.

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I'm Just putting up a new blog and I was trying to decide on color. Everything else is done and the blog is live I just can't settle on a color.

So I came to my favorite place to ask these weird questions about marketing and ask:

Is there any information that suggests one color blog provides better interaction than another color blog?

Do red blogs Trigger a warning in the brain as that color is associated with danger and stop?

Do green blogs trigger the Move forward minset as we are conditioned to proceed if its all green?

Do blue blogs trigger the feeling of a relaxed atmosphere and encourage action?

Interested to hear any thoughts or even better hard data, i can't find a damn thing that I can rely on.

Thanks in Advance

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    There is almost certainly some psychology to the colour of sites. I think red is suppose to install passion and romance in visitors which is why many dating and relationship site use red in their design but has you mentioned is a sign of danger. I would definitely choose a colour scheme that matches you niche and will help keep your visitors on you site and hopefully convert them to buyers.

    Hope that helps and found these sites for you

    Psychology of color in web site development and design

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    The design or choice of color for you web site does matter in terms of attracting more visitors to your web site and ultimately more visitors increase your business..
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      I guess choosing right color should be given first priority before designing website. It is the color that attracts more visitors to your website. Color must be selected according to the people you target.
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        The goal of your web site is to connect with your visitors. It really doesn't matter what you like or what your significant other likes. What matters is what colors your audience likes. Your color scheme must be carefully selected, because choosing the wrong color scheme can adversely affect your visitor's experience and decrease your sales.

        By choosing the right colors that your audience desires, you can invoke increased feelings of a positive reaction to your web site and actually increase sales.

        Your color selection is the single most important first impression that your site will give your visitors. Make a great first impression by using the best possible color scheme for your target audience.
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