Review my site, suggestions appreciated.

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  • | Have had this website up for about a week or so now, and was wondering if i can get some pointers, suggestions from from a different point of view than mine. You wont hurt my feeling so be honest

#appreciated #review #site #suggestions
  • I didn't go through your content and read those articles, but here are my thoughts on what I've seen so far:

    - Good and simple layout/color scheme
    - 2 sidebars with too many ads, makes it confusing and ugly to look at, stick with one sidebar and enter ads where appropriate, don't overdo it.
    - Get rid of the "tags" and "recent comments" widget in your sidebar.
    - Instead of the "friend" blurb above your sidebar (which is also full of syntax and grammatical errors) you should use that spot for something useful, like putting an opt-in form there.
    - You obviously have a misspelling in your domain name.
    - SEO stands for "search engine optimization" not "search engine optimized".

    Hope that gives you some ideas!
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    Too much things with too little letter-size. May be putting away the "tags" widget will help a lot.

    Nice theme btw.I'm marking it
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      Thanks for the input guys I think I'm going to make a few changes.
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        Originally Posted by TonyG23 View Post

        Thanks for the input guys I think I'm going to make a few changes.
        Successful has 2 c's and 2s's Guess it is too late to fix that since it is in your url.

        The link in your WF signature goes to an error page.

        I haven't even looked at the site yet. :p
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    Nice work tonyG23
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    I Like to check But you need to fix your link on your signature to work

    It doesn't work so how people will tell you about it.
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      Sorry everyone! I'm not sure why my link was messed up but it is now fixed. Please give me some reviews and let me know what you guys think, i just recently changed themes and went to a 1 sidebar instead of two.
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