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Hi Warriors!

In the Curation Nation book, chapter 6, Steve Rosenbaum is talking about viewing page source to see what platform a site is built on. He mentions Vulture as an example. TOO busy for me!

I'd love to have a site layout for one of my trend sites like Fox - you log in and there's the TOP urgent story, then the next top 3, then a list of latest top news stories, then on down the page, nicely categorized into things like Health, Science, Politics, Entertainment, with little bullet points of the most recent or top stories?

How do I find out how they're doing it and then how do I go about getting someone to make it for me?

To date all I've ever used platform wise is WordPress pretty much (a little Joomla someone else set up for me and a little Network Blazer, which is tedious).

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    Go on or or or ....
    there are plenty of good web designers there.

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    Just view source and see what templates and scripts are in use.

    I did a quick look and you can see they use - Vignette - Web Experience Management

    Sites like that often use Joomla so you can sometimes tell by the name of a mod or element that's in use.

    It's pretty easy to do with most CMS's like Joomla, Drupal and WP.

    nothing to see here.

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    You can actually do this with wordpress. Look for themes that have a magazine layout. You can categorize using your preset categories and then separate them on the page by that assigned category.

    My blog is kindof setup in this way. Check the link below to see an example.
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    You can do it with Wordpress using multiple loops

    The Loop « WordPress Codex

    It's VERY easy to do.. would take you about 20 minutes.
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    If you're trying to mimic the exact style of FoxNews site, you probably can't do it using a platform like joomla or wordpress. Yes, there are themes that are similar or w/e, but probably not exact. Those big sites are for the most part, custom built from the ground up.

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    It could be done with wordpress. What your looking for are magazine themes. There are quite a few available.

    The example given by KyleLogue looks like a customization of one of the older studiopress themes or the gazette theme from woo themes. It's a popular layout that's been around a while.

    Mick pretty much summed it up. The loop is what drives wordpress and grabs your content. It can be customized to show exactly what you want, how you want and you can run several of them on a page.

    Some fantastic and very non-blog stuff can be done with wordpress.

    *mods, close your eyes*

    If you're not in a huge rush, in about a week I'll be looking for beta testers for a WP theme that can do exactly what your asking about and a whole lot more. PM me if your interested.
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    Tiffany has a couple of really nice news/mag themes, and you get their entire collection for $39 - but the best part is their support. Although it's forum based which is usually pretty scary- they always answer in less than a couple of hours, and I have done some really serious hacking on their themes, and they never hesitate to help me - no matter how badly I need to mangle their beautiful designs to get what I want

    Another good one is - clean code and easy to work with.

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    Hey Tiffany,

    Google, Magazine themes and there's a lot of themes available for you for FREE. I suggest you try to try this method because these themes actually look good. I can help you mimic a site if you want, just shoot me a PM.

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    Free is good but you REALLY want to make sure the code is clean - it's pretty common these days for code to be inserted that can either make your site vulnerable to hacking or siphon traffic from your site - so be very careful!

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