IE default favicon missing from all my sites?

by markv
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Can anyone help me to get the default IE and Firefox favicons showing up on my sites. I cant get either of these favicons to show up on any of the wordpress sites hosted on the same account.
Its really annoying -please help!
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    do you have all of the accounts in the same public_html folder or htdocs folder (Depending on your host provider )on the same sever? Also, do you have the favicons in the public_html folder or the themes folders? And the dumbest but sometimes real question - are they named with the .ico at the end or not? if you look in ftp do they say favicon.ico? last question, did you make the favicons with the photoshop plugin that does them? Also, is the link right to each of the favicons and before the closing head tag in your functions php file? Or I mean where did you put the links to the favicons in your themes pages php's or function.php?
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      Thanks for trying to help me James.
      After spending an hour online with my host it appears that there was a problem with the default favicon icon files stored in the root of the server that i share with many others.
      As a result of this "problem" my host deleted the favicon files in question and then restored them, unfortunately it has affected my sites and now i will have to upload my own custom favicons to every site because my host says they dont support this issue even though the file that they deleted and reinstalled is outside of my control. Indeed its not even on my account. Its really annoying. Seems to me that if the hosting company break something they should fix it - oh well its a sign of the times i expect - i'm suprised, i have always had excellent support from this host in the past.
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        If you need help with the favicons let me know. I can do them for 6 bucks each.
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          Thanks for the offer James.
          I think i'll get Photoshop dusted off and get them done tomorrow
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