The easiest ways to create a Professional very good looking Squeeze Page

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I am searching for the easiest ways to create a professional very good looking Squeeze Page

Something that looks very modern - I totally want to use free templates
or some squeeze page generator/easy builder,
do you have some recommendations, where to get them from?

Thank you very much
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    when I searched in google I found about 20 different websites who do squeeze pages for free.

    I was worried though that in the script they also capture your email addresses of your leads for themselves as well

    this is why I came here to ask about a good nice resource for very good looking squeeze pages
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      Originally Posted by Nisip View Post

      when I searched in google I found about 20 different websites who do squeeze pages for free.

      I was worried though that in the script they also capture your email addresses of your leads for themselves as well

      this is why I came here to ask about a good nice resource for very good looking squeeze pages
      Yes, a lot of the free pages will keep your e-mails and market to them, devaluing your list.
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    Yes, like you say you can find tons of free templates some of which you have to opt in to their mailing list but that would be your best bet.

    Download a PLR template and then modify it for your needs.

    Strong copy is the way to go for a squeeze page and a REALLY good offer.

    If you are offering something of value people will opt in and it does not really matter if the page does not have all the bells and whistles.

    In fact a clear, well laid out page with a cracking freebie will probably do better.

    Just my 2 pence.

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    Best way is to hire someone that way you don't have to learn and can put your time into getting people to your site.


    Just because your starting an online business does't mean you don't have to spend money... think of your domain host provider and your website as

    Your domain = your location
    Your host = your property
    Your website = your building

    5 Minute Mobile Sites... My Next WSO Comming Soon.

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    so do you guys use any squeeze page templates?
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      Originally Posted by Nisip View Post

      so do you guys use any squeeze page templates?
      I use profits theme and have used optimize press.
      IF you need a Fast Cash Solution Here are Ethical and Legal Honest Solutions that Work Click Here

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      Originally Posted by garrettwilson View Post

      I recommend to go for Optimize Press. Create sales pages, squeeze pages or membership sites your choice.
      Have to second this one... Is top class....

      Is profits theme still on special. for $27 it was a steal also....

      But Optimizepress is the one if you ask me..
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  • Hi there

    I would buy PLR squeeze pages and modify it to your needs using Kompozer or similar.

    That way you don't have to start from scratch.

    You could either buy the squeeze page or if you have already bought previously any Ebooks with PLR rights that include a squeeze page you can change, and that are relevant to your product then you could use that as a template.

    Maybe change the graphics if there are any or get some more made cheaply through o'desk or similar.

    But as someone else said on this thread, Good copy with a really good valuable freebie will do well without all the bells & whistles.

    Best of Luck

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    Good things don't come cheap! I like Profits theme NO Skills required - everything drag and drop!!

    I've got it if you want to test it out on my server. PM me.
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    Go with OptimizePress - Internet Marketing Wordpress Theme or Profits Theme | Full-Blown Profit Sites In Minutes (No Affiliate Links)

    You can't go wrong with either


    "$31,249.76 In Your Paypal?"
    BRAND New Super Affiliate Technology Creates Automated Cashflow Injections!

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    There's plenty of garbage out there onlu interested in your email address

    Most premium also come out of the box with a landing/sqeeze page already included by default as a template option on each page/post

    You simply add the content you want for the page

    Be careful of the freebies offered on Google as you get what you pay for

    Many of the free sqeeze pages don't work properly or are broken.

    Most of the premium sqeeze pages that you have to pay for cost more than the cost of buying a premium theme like Genesis which already come with a landing page anyway
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    best way is to do yourself its not too difficult
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      Very true, most of the free squeeze pages might not be useful for you so your time could get wasted. Please do not compromise with quality for money!
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    One of the quickest ways to market your business online is by using a squeeze page template. A squeeze page is similar to a website except it normally has just 1 page (packed full of information.) The main purpose of using a squeeze page template is to build an email opt in list of subscribers, basically, to capture the name and email address of people who are interested in a product or service you provide. When a subscriber submits their name and email address on your squeeze page, it enables YOU to build an email database of potential customers. In a nut shell, this is how a squeeze page works.
    How To Set Up A Squeeze Page?
    First, you will need sign-up for an autoresponder, you can sign-up for a premium autoresponder such as GetResponse or Aweber and you can also sign-up for a free one. An autoresponder is like your private PA, working for you 24/7, all you need to do is manually input a series of messages into it, e.g. email 1, email 2, email 3 etc, when someone submits their email address to your autoresponder, it will automatically send them your pre-written messages, on a date and time you select! As you can see, having an autoresponder makes sense it saves you time!
    How To Get Optin Subscribers To Fill In Your Form?
    Second, you need to think about what information your squeeze page is going to offer potential customers. The best method to get people to submit their name and address onto your squeeze page is to offer them something FREE! For example, "fill in your name and email address to receive a free Google voucher worth $50.00". People always love freebies!! I personally recommend that you include a disclaimer on your squeeze page which sates how YOU use subscriber information. Let people know you won't sell their email address because we all HATE spam! Also, let people know YOU will add their name & email address to your marketing database and they can unsubscribe at any time!
    Squeeze Page Templates & Squeeze Page Design
    You will need to have a squeeze page template designed, you can hire a professional graphic designer or buy a squeeze page template. At we have developed The 'MEGA Squeeze Page Pack' with 50 professional templates! This DIY squeeze page pack is really easy to use, all you need is basic web design skills e.g. copy and paste to setup your professional squeeze page in minutes!
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      This has been a good discussion and I looked at Optimize Press and Profits Theme and, yes, both look good. Does anyone actually have experience with both and can say one is better for this or that. I am most interested in the membership site features. I looked for a comparison of the two and could not find any.


      World's First Microprocessor. Let's say F14 Tomcat.

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    Thanks for sharing..
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    Go for Optimizepres, that is really cool thing, professional and very well made. You will definitely won't go wrong with it
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    No matter what road you decide to walk down, you are going to want to spend some time changing and tweaking. The paid stuff makes things somewhat easier, but you still have to have the OFFER and good COPY
    in order to optimize the landing page.

    I usually make my own squeeze pages, but I have also used templates.
    Most of my time is spent on getting the copy to work.
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    1. Create a new page in Kompozer.
    2. Create a 1 column by 1 row table. Click on the table to select it.
    3. Select Table|Table Properties. Change the table width to 600 pixels (or whatever you prefer).
    4. Change the spacing to 0. Click 'Apply'.
    5. Click the 'Center' icon to centre the table.
    6. Type in a headline. Change the styling to suit your tastes.
    7. Type in some bullet points.
    8. Log in to your autoresponder account. I'll assume you're using AWeber; other autoresponders should be similar.
    9. Create a new list. Give it a name that makes sense to you.
    10. Create a new web form.
    11. Edit the web form fields as needed - I usually add a 'Name' field and make it 'Required'.
    12. Save the form.
    13. Click on 'Get HTML'.
    14. Copy the Javascript snippet ('Ctrl+C')
    15. Go back to Kompozer. Click on the 'Source' tab at the bottom of the screen.
    16. Paste the Javascript in after the bullet points.
    17. Click on 'Publish'.
    18. Enter your web hosting account details. If you haven't done this before, it's probably the trickiest part.
    19. Open the newly published page in your web browser.
    20. Tweak, correct, fix and improve.
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    thanks for the great info on squeeze pages...very new in the business, looking for all the help I need, right now I am making squeeze video pages. hopefully to get it done the way I wish it to be... Did not realize there are so many templates out there thank you
    bTW - using OP
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    Buy a professionally made squeeze page which is flexible
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