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I have a roommate who is doing a competition and finished his site recently. He isn't into forums and asked me to get some good feedback.

Utah Laser Hair Removal Services | Simply Smoother

I like the site quite a bit - from a design perspective...laser hair removal isn't my thing, but its all good!

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    The design looks good. But does it look sort of corporate for a medical site?
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      It's a professional quality site and he should be proud of it. Laser hair removal is not your best topic--you don't want to show the process particularly. People who need the service generally know how it works. So, I think this kind of clean presentation is appropriate for the business.
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  • I think its nice. The gallery could use more images, I only saw one. It looks clean and navigates well. Thanks, mike
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    This thread is a pretty lame excuse to get a backlink.

    I can't believe the rest of you fell for that.
    It buys my product or it gets the hose
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    well i think it's a good website
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      Very nicely designed website.

      Everything including colors, layout and content placements looks wonderful.

      However, if you could put a little effort on improving your header then it will add more attractiveness.

      Keep up the good work.
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    Looks good. The loading speed seemed a little slow though. Maybe optimize the images a little?
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