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I just finished coding up a new file hosting site and wanted to hear some feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Free Image and File Hosting -

Go easy...

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    In the first instance, it appears as if the site is yet to be built. The link should also have a hand cursor so that one knows it's a link.

    Rating: 2/10
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    Your site is 1% Finished well I cant see what you have done. You Just Uploaded an Image

    Rating I can give 2 / 10 like @xtrapunch
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    I agree with u.
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    Really cool website actually. I like how simple it is, just click the big button! Make sure to get a fav icon there pronto
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    Site still needs some work, just keep it simple as it is now. Add footer, fav icon, some cool header text and website will be pretty nice.
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    Nice concept brother. I actually like it; the minimalistic simpleness of it all works very well.

    I personally cannot see how anybody could possibley not understand how to use it - but unfortunatly some internet users out there can miss these things so it is best to optimize for everybody: Include an arrow, or hand cursor, or some other instruction to prompt users to click the button.

    I like the name of the site/service also, very simple and easy to remember.

    Other that that; I wish you all the best with it bro.

    Peace and Love,
    Zer0: Creative Geniu$.
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      Something in the footer area and I agree making the centre image more prominent to be clickable ( to users ) and all would be good.
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        Very clean and simple, gets to the point of the site. I do agree that maybe you should utilize the hand-cursor when hovering over the image; even if it says "click here" you'd be surprised how many people still get confused without seeing the familiar hand-cursor on a link.

        My first impression was that the site was unfinished or that I clicked the wrong link because there is so little on the page... BUT I was looking for more content to rate, if someone clicked the link knowing that they're just going to use the service (uploading an image) I think it can work.
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    Agreeing with the replies here, although it still could use some more work, all in all it looks good, I like the clean and spartan look. I would increase the size of the text that states how large a file the users can upload to avoid more confusion.

    If you're in doubt, you're not in doubt.

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    idiot proof concept! Ideal for me
    I like the simplicity of the big button.
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      where is your site?

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    awesome, your site rating 7/10 , after upload i want full details, like imageshack.

    Just Web Developer.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    Interesting reaction, either like it or hate responses. I'm more of simple design than an overload Obviously this site is not for people who like simplicity

    I don't see the point of overloading the site with unnecessary 'content' - while I agree some minor adjustment is required. The site may look confusing if you landed on the site without knowing what the hell it's for, but if you come to the site knowing it's a file hosting site, its very obvious what you have to do. and after you use it once, it's very clear.

    The button does have a pointer cursor style applied, but the ajax in the file upload function broke the cursor effect, it'll be corrected when I work on it again

    Thanks again for the reviews.

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    Looks nice. I like simple layouts. I would add an uploading icon to that button.
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    Nice layout on your website
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    I like the website actually, there is still a lot of work to do, sure, but I have found that with my websites, they are changing permanently.
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    I think you need to change your current conception. Art first people need to know all information about your company and your service. At first you need to tell them and then offer to download some files, and place banner in the center without any discription is stupidly.
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    I like the websites that looks simple....But when we rollover on the button the mouse cursor doesn't change you just look at would be better if the arrow changes to hand symbol
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    i think its still needs some work.
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    Your site is not working ,it shows upload the files.please check it and do the do correction
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    My rating: 3/10

    It have :
    Good Logo
    Like the Big button ( but must be with "a.hover" in css )
    And i like the simple stuffs
    keep building your site , and footer and some backround .


    "Remember that it is not where you come from, or not even where you are; it is where you are going that matters most." Bo Bennett

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    Nice job done.........
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    Originally Posted by tuanng View Post

    I just finished coding up a new file hosting site and wanted to hear some feedback and suggestions for improvement.

    Free Image and File Hosting -

    Go easy...


    Looks good but will it do anything?
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      If you click on the big button, it does open your files. Is it finished? I think it would look better with some text and graphics. Looks like it works opened my files.
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    Simple.. does what it says.. but where does it go ? These days people expect more..

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      I like the site but I wonder how these types of projects make any money. I see loads of people making upload sites, as soon as they get busy s3 starts adding up. The site looks clean now but you'd surely have to fill it with banners, even then I don't see it making money. Good luck and sorry for being negative.
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    I like the idea and the white background is awesome. nice work and thank for sharing of course.
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    you must work much
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    nice concept but get user registrations first bcoz people can misuse your site for transferring unlawful content and you can get into trouble otherwise its good
    and file limit 5 mb is not cool
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