why has my traffic plummetted?

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i have recently redesigned my site BMW Gallery

i used to get approx 300 unique visits per day, but now only get about 50-70. i must admit, most of the page names have changed but i have put permananet redirects in place. i still have approx the same amount of backlinks according to yahoo. domain is 4 years old. why has my traffic plummetted?

ps i have read about domain maturity.. i think maybe search engines weight the page maturity as opposed to the domain age as a whole?
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    It can be a hassle when page names change etc. I am not 100% if google likes it or not, or that is a factor.

    Have you continually built links, as maybe if you just build a few links a week or something or add new content that may revive things.
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      I think you're right in that large changes to an established page (renaming the pages in this case) can cause it to move down in search engine rankings. I could be wrong, but I think that's something Google tends to do.
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      • Changing Page Names can have an effect. You could get pushed up for a short amount of time then drop after a days. I think it's a good idea to stay inline with the names you have that are or were working.
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    I go with bobbyd67 on this add new content and build some links.. but just do it gradually
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    you should build quality backlinks for your site and submit a sitemap for your newly changed website to Google Crawler as well as you should keep on doing offpage optimization for your site
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