Redirecting Wordpress Site to new domain name - 301 redirect question

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I'm moving a site built on WordPress to a new domain name and new hosting.

I've moved the site ok using BackUp Buddy so the site at the new URL looks exactly like the old site. The problem I'm having is with the 301 redirect.

The old URL has over 100 blog posts and some extra pages. What's the best way to redirect everything so the posts redirect to the correct post, pages to the correct page etc? It's still sitting in the old hosting account, live.

I've tried using the Redirection plugin, but can only get it to re-direct the main domain to the new domain i.e. goes to If I enter any URLs i.e., it doesn't redirect and goes to that page on the old site.

I'm sure there's a simple way to do this that I'm not seeing. Can anyone let me know what the secret is - I'm getting brain dead from looking at this for too long today!

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