Kompozer help needed...or can you suggest a better program to use

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I am trying to make changes to an existing website.
I cannot seem to get images to save when I insert them into
a page when using Kompozer.

When I did this before the image file was saved automatically
but now it seems I have to use filezilla to ftp each image file
to the folder before I can insert it into the webpage.

There must be an easier way to do this, can anyone help me...
Or, can you suggest a better program for me to use ?

Thanks for your assistance !
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    Man, are we talking about tons of images here?

    because FTPing images is what we do on regular basis.

    it only took 10 seconds per image, depends on the size
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      Thanks for your reply...

      I appreciate it !
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    I like dreamweaver, more than Kompozer. Try it if you can.
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      Can you explain a little further or perhaps rephrase your question? I'm not quite understanding. I've used Komposer, Nvu and a few other programs and always had to ftp images up to folders. I know sometimes I view the page on my computer and it draws up the images I have on my folder(s)(on the computer), but if I have the actual page on the internet, it doesn't show the images because I have not ftp'd them up yet. So regardless of what program I use, the images still have to be uploaded to my folders on my server.


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        Well, previously when I used NVU or Expression web, when I published the page I was working on, the images were ftp'd and saved from my computer onto the server automatically, I did not have to ftp them.

        Now I have to ftp them with another program.

        However, I cannot seem to get it to work. I am ftp'ing the images into the folder and then when I insert them into the page from that folder, using Kompozer, I can't get them to show up after I publish the page ?

        Any suggestions ?

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