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Hello Every one,
Recently I have launched a website Adichemistry: An online resource of chemistry to help chemistry students.

However I have some doubts. I need your help.

My website is using iframes. Actually I have individual pages for each topic. These will always loaded into the iframes. Will it affect my site ranking? Will it make user inconvenient?

Is there any other way to avoid iframes?

My aim is to design the site as simple as possible so that it is loaded faster.

Any suggestions?

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    I took a look over your site and I see no need to be using iframes. The only part of the page that isn't reloading is the menu bar and this is really very small indeed.
    You could investigate server side caching but since your site seems to serve html pages (no scripting like php or database access) that probably would make little difference.

    Other than that, you could look into ajax for loading content but I believe this wouldn't be a wise choice for this sort of site.

    If your pages are particularly image heavy, you might try to save them using different formats that often halve the size.

    As a constructive criticism - your site design could use some help, would you consider using a CMS like wordpress?
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