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Does it exist which is "Visual wordpress theme editor" with which I will able to make wordpress theme without any knowledge
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  • Yes it exists! It is called artisteer, and there is a free trial available. It is awesome! I have made a lot of themes with it and you can also create facebook fanpages, as well as regular websites. Plus its only $50 if you decide to buy it. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks is really great
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      I'll third that.
      Artisteer is a fantastic tool

      WARNING - Get the premium version if you upgrade. The basic one does not allow you to adjust much. widths,colours etc all come with a certain number of pre-sets you have to choose from, with the premium you can do just about anything once you know your way around it.

      It is a VERY thorough piece of software. Allows you to change backgrounds , embed flash add you own icons for bullets of quotes, have scroll or static background, customize every aspect of menu,header,banner. Complete colour, width,shadow,offset...

      Well you get it, everything really.

      But only on the premium version.

      The basic is ok for building a few simple sites with preset building blocks, the advanced version (which costs more) allows you to do 95% of the stuff you could do if you were a CSS and HTML expert.

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