Help Me Choose A Shopping Cart From These 4 Options

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Hey guys,

I have a client who has chosen a particular merchant gateway which gives me 4 choices of shopping cart to easily integrate with.

The choices are Magento, Virtuemart, ZenCart, ekmPowershop.

Please can you help me choose the best one. I've found a rockettheme (Joomla) called Mynxx with Virtuemart pre-installed so I'm tempted to choose that but I'd really appreciate your advice on which one to go for. The ecommerce store will have about 200 products in.

Thanks in advance.
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    Try ZenCart and i recommeded Interspire
    Shopping Cart Software and Ecommerce Software
    Go to
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    ZenCart is good
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    ZenCart is fantastic!
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    Zencart is more popular than the others and i've seen good reviews about on some other sites,though i haven't used it yet.

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    Hmm... there's a new one... try
    They integrate your whole cart into your facebook fan page! It's cheap and easily customized.

    Check out some samples at | Powered By: and | Powered By:
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    DON'T bother with magento, far too complicated and you'll find yourself having to pay people to come in and help.

    Go with Zencart.
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      I would go with Zencart. I've used it pretty frequently and there is a learning curve to start with, but not too steep. There are a LOT of plugins for it and a lot of themes as well.
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    my old design firm i used to work for used "Virtuemart" for clients on budget

    didn't have any issues
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    I will recommend ZenCart. I have been working on that for years now without any problem.
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    I've had a test drive with Zencart and it's really easy to get to grips with and you can create a professional looking website very quickly with all the shopping cart requirements.
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    thanks for asking this question as I'll be needing to do the same soon
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      Wow how is that for Zencart votes. I have been trying to decide between oscommerce and zencart, so I appreciate the thread.

      How is seo for zencart any opinions on templates?

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        I use a Premium eCommerce plugin for WordPress which integrates perfectly with other plugins like membership and affiliate software as they are also made by the same creator.

        Zencart is popular but does it easily integrate with membership and affiliate plugins?
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    I used cs-cart in the latest site.. easy to work with.
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    i ever tyr magento, it also have merchant gateway.
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    Im building lot of ecommerce websites... my choice of trade is virtuemart because it´s scaleable and very easy to administer. And it because it is a Joomla Component your design choces are endless
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  • With magento you can create customized shopping carts as per the specific business needs, totally flexible and feature rich platform brings you the desired functionality in your existing websites through integration process.
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    magento only choice provides plenty options and great flexibility. also take a look at big commerce
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    i would suggest you to go with ZenCart. As it many flexible options. After ZenCart you can go for Magento.
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    this is a great thread.........helped with some of my own question
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    Magento or Zencart. But, Magento > Zencart.
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    Magento is a very good choice in my opinion. Easy and flexible!
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