How to sell a Domain ?

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I am not asking about the place for selling a Domain. For example, buyers hosting account is in another how to transfer my domain to his registrar is
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    Ask the buyer to initiate a transfer of the domain to his account. Depending on his registrar (?), certain pieces of information will be necessary to submit the transfer request. As the owner of the domain, you will receive an email asking to confirm the transfer (may also receive a key code to use for verification purposes). Once verified, the transfer will begin.

    Note: depending on your transfer, it's possible that you can even initiate the transfer to his account so check there first.

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    AFAIK webhostingworld is using directi reseller account

    if it is so than ask the buyer to intiate the transfer and give him the epp code.Make sure that the domain in discussion is unlocked and had completed 60 days after intial registration
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    You can also try posting it @ digital point. I sold my website there
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    What is the best way to find out the price to ask?
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      The Domain for sell has fixed price for sell $100. The Domain has raise the price for domains at any moment,
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    Its a best place to sell ur domain..

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    sorry, but your question is a bit hard to understand.
    if i understood you correctly, you want to know how to transfer your domain to your buyer after you sell the site, correct?

    if correct, there are 2 ways to go about it;
    free or paid

    free - your buyer's registrar backend should have something like, "transfer domain" and you guys will just have to go through that process. i had to do this as i had domains with 2 different companies and i wanted to put them all with godaddy, not hard but there are some technical stuff you need to do.

    paid - go to a outsourcing/freelancing directories, such as fiverr and post a "gig" for a domain transfer, if there isn't a pre-existing gig already. this should only cost you 5 bucks.

    i personally would pay someone to do it next time
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    You may try selling through different webmaster related forums like or other dedicated sites for domain trading like : etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author olakh is the best place to sell the domain.You will have to just put the domain name into it.
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    To transfer your domain after selling to your buyer is not an up hill task. Just follow the TOS of your registrar to transfer the ownership of the domain to your buyers. If you want to sale your domain in auction, is one of the best places where you can also evaluate your domain's worth.
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