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I tend to use 3 main colors for a scheme when creating websites and sometimes 2 other variations of one of the main colors.

I was just wondering when your designing if you use a general rule when it comes to color on a website ?.

Do's it depend on the overall content or the sites subject ?

Is it due to layout to enhance the look ?

Is it to create impact or the wow factor ?

and many more.........

I've used 2, sometimes six colors but keep getting back to a main 3 color scheme as seems to be more effective and clean looking ,

What works for you and why? or do's it realy not matter if the customer is happy? ,
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    I usually use a 1-2 main colors scheme and a couple of different shades of those colors. I do it on an intuitive manner. I do not plan to use only 1 or 2 colors, but somehow, I always end up using few colors. I guess it is a matter of preferences.
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    It is really important to design your site in a way that attracts the customer and color plays one of the important roles in it. We should make a combination of two colors at the most and avoid using too many color shades.
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