How do I get a more visually appealing wordpress landing page?

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I have seen some fantastic looking wordpress sites that must have had a far more customized visual look.

I have done a website for an offline client and with my limited wordpress ability I can use only the basics of the wordpress editor..... see here investments south Africa

Any Ideas and places I can go to learn more about wordpress visual customizations. I am guessing a lot of the customization happens in the style.css file ?

Thanks all
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    I use wordpress to give a more of a static site type look, rather than listing posts in blog format. An example would be That's just a standard theme.
    It's using a plugin called Page Columnist which allows columns of content on a page. You can also have columns in posts if you like.
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    Hey Cathy, If you don't know how to create WordPress themes, you can buy any good theme from popular websites like Or, you can outsource the work.

    Go to for official tutorials
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    Web Design & SEO Agency | Serving World Wide from New Delhi, India

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    Hey Cathy,

    Yes, all the customization happens in the CCS file. and also the PHP files found in your theme.

    some themes are easier to customize than others.

    Thesis theme is great for customization but the learning curve might be a bit long depending on your html, css, php experience. (although there are plenty of user friendly customization options) you can see a video of how it works at

    Im not familiar with the specifics of the theme you are using so I wont be able to give you much advise on how to edit it but you can try different themes to get the desired look. Maybe consider buying one that already has the look you want.

    also as a side note I noticed that you have a comments box on the page. unless you have a specific reason for having it I would remove it. The main purpose of this page is to set up a consultation so I would not have extra fields or content that doesnt add to that goal.

    hope that helps,

    feel free to PM me if you have more questions

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      Hi Cathy,

      Customization can be done using the style.css file and widgets. At the moment you have a large variety of different texts which you can standardize via the style sheet.

      I recently came across a post on this forum that recommended some Wordpress resources. Unfortunately, I am unable to post the link as I have not submitted enough posts. If you send me a pm with your email address I will email the link to you.

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    Hi Cathy

    There are a good couple of premium themes that give good results and are easy to work with. I quiet like the themes from Woothemes.

    There alot of books and online tutorialss on learning how to create custom themes or customise them. The best way though from my experience is just to jump into the deep end. Get a basic theme and take it from there. Toolbox is a good theme to start with.
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    Hi Cathy,

    as it has already been mentioned, yes, you'd need to edit the css file of the theme, along with some php editing, there are tons of tutorials online on both topics, a quick search on css or php basics should give you lots to read. As it also has been suggested you could purchase a premium theme, again, there are many good ones to choose from.
    Alternatively, you could use a WP theme generator, which would allow you to create themes without knowledge of css/html/php etc. One of the good ones (in my personal opinion) is Artisteer, I can't post links yet, so just search for it in google, they have a free trail version so you can give it a spin.

    Hope that helps

    If you're in doubt, you're not in doubt.

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    There's some fantastic landing page software available.
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    right u r.. its all on the CSS recipe! I would suggest to first design ur skin/theme concept and come up with a mock up on Photoshop... then take it to the CSS artist and he/she will just take it apart... and you got ur self an original WP theme... or just buy them, saves you a day or two
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