How much would i charge a local business?

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Hey guys.

How much would i charge a local business to create a website for them?
I have know idea
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    The prices are all over the place. I don't do local business sites anymore, but I used to start at $600 - $800 (even for a couple page brochure type site). I know some people who start at $1200 and others $300.

    Again this only my opinion

    $300 - $600 for a Wordpress install

    $600 - $1200 for Wordpress Template customized

    $1200 + Totally custom Wordpress theme (could be child theme of 'Canvas' or 'Thesis')

    Then you have figure out how much content (pages) they need and if that content (pictures) need to be photoshoped, etc. And how much you want to charge for that. I never had any complaints with these prices and I could crank out a $1200 site in 2 - 4 that did the trick for me.

    Again, you're gonna get a lot of people suggesting a lot of different prices. In the end it's up to you (your skills) and what the market will bear.
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      o great thanks for that! another question, so i would have to buy the domain for them: how long would i get it for? and do i stay in contact just incase it needs to be updated as i would be the host of the website? or is it just a one time thing. like what did you do?
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        Justin -

        Feel free to PM me with your questions. I am familiar with web design consulting and I would be happy to help.

        Many of your questions are broad. You ask, "How much do I charge for website design?" However, there are all types of website design and programming. Your price depends on WHAT you can do for the client and how many hours it will take.

        As I mentioned before, PM me and I would be happy to answer your questions in further depth if you give me more information about what services you are offering your client.

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    You could take a look at what your local competition is charging for a similar specced website. This would give you a good ballpark figure, and should help you to keep your prices competitive.

    Remember, it can be just as bad to underprice as to overprice.
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    Originally Posted by justin536 View Post

    Hey guys.

    How much would i charge a local business to create a website for them?
    I have know idea
    How much is your time worth? What type of business is this (hot dog stand vs legal firm)? How many pages? Who's providing content/images? Is there any video on page? Are you doing SEO? How much value will this site bring to their business? Too many variables without having additional info. I normally won't waste my time unless I get $1,500 for a 5 page WP site.

    Whatever price you agree upon, 50% upfront, non-negotiable.
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      Hi Justin,
      I have two kinds of rates, depending on the size of their business.

      I like to do local businesses (I put a flyer up in the local supermarket "Cheap Webpages $500") and they get a wordpress theme I know and love and I make them understand this is a cheapy deal - so they can't expect the world.

      On the other hand, anyone who finds me via anything other than the supermarket, unless they're a single mum selling homemade candles or something, they get a much more customised wordpress theme and a pricetag starting at $1500.

      I also offer wordpress lessons to small business owners who like the idea of being able to manage their own site. Mainly because requests to alter some trifling thing that takes me 5 minutes just annoys me!

      You can make some small change out of profiting from registering their domain names, but I find it a complete pain in the neck. However, getting a reseller account for domains works very nicely indeed.

      Just noticed you're in AU! Hmmm... are we 'competition'? ))
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    depends on the amount of contents and if they want to update regularly

    should vary from 300 for a simple wp blog site to 5000 on a huge product content type site, you need to ask your client for more info on what they require from you
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