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Hi everyone,

I've got a site that is selling backlink packages, and currently the "Order Now" buttons lead simply to a Paypal purchase screen...

What I'd LIKE to have happen is when order now is pressed, the user/customer is presented with a page that has boxes for the input of;

- Name
- Email address
- URL to backlink towards
- Anchor text suggestions
- Etc.

With underneath the boxes, a way to purchase on-site (or off-site if need be), as well as email/send somehow the information collected to me for processing... This CAN'T be as complicated as it feels, there has to be some sort of wordpress plugin to make my life easier here, lol.

Any suggestions?
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    Luke, you may be able to do this using the WP-eStore plugin. If I'm not mistaken, it allows you to add a custom URL (page). Add your data form to the page. After the customer clicks the "buy now", they are redirected to the "custom page" where they provide their information and click submit. They would then be redirected to the PayPal payment processing page.

    Best part is, WP-eStore is a free plugin yet it rivals many of the commercial solutions.

    You may also want to look into WP-eCommerce. It may have a similar feature and it is also free.

    Good luck!
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