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Hey guys

I've asked this question in a few places and all replies so far have proved fruitless!

I'm wondering if anyone knows the correct code and where to place it exactly to ensure the text in the navigation menu of thesis 1.8 for wordpress changes from all UPPER CASE to lower case or only first letter capitalization?

Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried the style.css file? Use Firefox and download the plug-in called Firebug. It will show you the code and CSS assigned to any element. It's free, yet priceless!
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    Thanks for the reply... far to technical for me I'm afraid! I was hoping someone would know of a simple hook or some code that I can add to make the damn nav bar appear uncaptilized hahaha!

    Thanks a bunch for trying to help
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    You need to add some custom css by the looks of things. This is from the main style.css file:
    .menu a
    text-transform: uppercase; /* from style.css*/

    You need to change the "uppercase" to one of these instead:
    • capitalize (capitalizes first character of each word)
    • uppercase (capitalizes all characters of each word)
    • lowercase (uses small letters for all characters of each word)
    • none (the initial value)
    However it does say with Thesis that you shouldn't alter the main style.css so I believe you need to edit the custom.css file which should be in

    Disclaimer: I don't have thesis installed so can't check on my own site. Back up your site before editing the css! I gleaned this information from this site:
    The General Appearance of the Thesis Menu

    Hope it helps!
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    Karen hit it on the head, mostly. In your custom.css file, add the following:
    .custom #tab a { text-transform: none; }
    Make sure you enable custom style in the Thesis options page.

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      I'm trying these codes...but it's not working... I enabled the custom option too. any ideas?
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    Hey Karen,

    Thanks for that - I actually found that site a while back and haven't been successful with what it states! So frustrating!

    Steve, again, thank you for helping! However, that didn't work either. I placed the code in the custom.css and I already having custom stylesheets enabled. I changed the "none" section to "capitalize" and "lowercase" and still nothing... it's starting to grind me down!

    I've seen very few sites that have got the nav menu uncaptalized which tells me it is a fairly difficult job to get done! ARGHHHH!

    Any other ideas?


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    if you can provide a link to the site, then someone will be able to tell you the exact line to alter.

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      This tutorial works for moving to lowercaps... I think if you combine the code there with the recommendations here you should be golden!
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        Yes... I think this is the code that you're looking for:

        .custom .menu .tab a { text-transform:capitalize; }
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      Did you ever figure it out? I'm stuck on the same issue.
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        Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this? I'm stuck with the same issue...
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