Can I Put A Word Doc into a WP Page ?

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hi everyone. i have a .doc that's 5 pages, each one has a price 'sheet' on it for different items.

can't figure out how to put each sheet onto a different WP page? i uploaded the doc to the Media file, but when i att it to the page, it's a link to the doc.

I'd like to be able to just show the price 'sheet', not the link....

thank you so much
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    Anything created as a .doc file (using the word processor sold by MS > called "Word") is NOT a web application - which means it can NOT be shown on the web. It is a desktop application.

    Before some smarta$$ comes along commenting that you can see a Word document opened in a "browser" - let's make it clear: the visitor/reader needs to have the same desktop application on their computer to be able to see it...

    Your plan will not work.

    You need to make those docs into html or pdf or something that is visible on the net and is compatible with the language used by the web browsers.

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    just copy paste the text and paste in new adobe reader document i.e pdf and not need to use the software
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    Yeah, that plan won't work. Either convert it to pdf or upload it to scribd and use a plugin to display it - this iwll give you more options on the looks than the simple embed code if you are not savvy with coding
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    Yes, MS Word has web capabilities and can publish content to WordPress easily
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