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Ok I have a reseller account at host gator.

I have viewed some of the tutorial videos but needing to learn quite a bit more.

I want to have some very simple subdomains with the same product database with ecommerce.

I know no html or other programming.

Could anyone point me where I should go to learn step by step what the heck I am doing lol

Also which of these would you suggest I install on the account
OS Commerce
Zen Cart

Thank you in advance.
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    1. Why do you need reseller account? Just curious...

    2. For subdomains you don't need reseller account. It is used to host multiple domains! Do you know at all what subdomains are? Or just throwing in fancy words...?

    3. Why on the earth would you want to commit IM-suicide by putting the same content on several subdomains? That's duplicate content and search engines would kick your a** for it. You definitely do NOT want to do that.

    4. If you have no idea about installing scripts... you either spend some time experimenting, learning, setting up test sites - or hire somebody top do it for you. There is no third option.

    5. I don't suggest any of those scripts, since I have no idea what you need. We don't install scripts for the sake of installing scripts. We make a business plan (unless it's about your hobby), we plan a site structure and then we find the script that would satisfy our needs.

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    lol I read part of the reply in my notice email that there was a replythat said Why on the earth would you want to commit IM-suicide by putting . . .

    I said to myself I bet it is that old guy with the gray beard with thousands of posts that likes to see himself talk and sure enough lol Ha just kiddin ya Canuk have a sense of humor as you say holding a grudge will poison your soul

    I don't need SEO I have ready willing and able buyers just need a site for them to order from but that you for the concern.

    1. I will be hosting 25 estores with common database(is that another one of those fancy words )
    2. yes ned subdomain is a fancy word lol
    3. see above
    4. n/a
    5. I don't understand what a business plan and website design have to do wth each other. BTW stopped writing business plan
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    You need to hire someone. Otherwise, you need to commit a year or so to learning before you pull the trigger on this. Start over at the web hosting forum (just google it, I dont like linking from one forum to another)
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      Originally Posted by Headfirst View Post

      You need to hire someone. Otherwise, you need to commit a year or so to learning before you pull the trigger on this. Start over at the web hosting forum (just google it, I dont like linking from one forum to another)
      Thank you for the advice. I do believe you are right better to hire out this sort of thing.

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    what are you trying to accomplish again?
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      Hey Patrick,

      If your buyers are ready willing and able to buy and are just looking for somewhere where they can buy then design wouldn't really be an important factor??

      If that is correct then, yes, you could go for OS Commerce. It is set up for online stores.

      However, if you are using paypal then you could use wordpress which would be helpful to you as there is tons of info about setting that up.

      Learn a bit about FTP too if you are just copying sites over to domains as this will save you tons of time (if you are doing 25 sites then the time taken to learn this and do it will still be less then doing it with FTP).

      Hope that helps but not 100% sure what you are doing so might be garbage.


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    Thank you so VERY much Pete for the info. I think the situation is that I am such a newbie to website design that I don't know what I need.

    This is what I would like.

    I want to have one data base(as I say I am a newbie so even this term could be wrong) which would have all the products I would be selling. There are approx 1000 physical products. I want to have one shopping cart, BUT I would like to have a number of store each with their own Domain name.

    Then people who I know will have a store of their own, each with the exact same products same prices etc. When a buyer goes to one of these stores they would make a purchase but it would go to the one shopping cart. Reason I want this is I want to be able to open just 1 cpanel and get all the orders from the various stores.

    This way if I need to add a product I would add it to the data base and it would automatically be added to all the individual e-stores. Or if I want to run a sale I just update the data base and it would be shown on all the e-stores. Not sure if this is possible but it seems logically that it should be.

    I would be filling all the orders. I would like each store to be a LITTLE different. Such as a different picture at the top, a different name and a different color. But all else would be identical to all the other ones.

    Cliff Notes: I have people who would basically like to be affiliates for products I sell but I do NOT want an affiliate link. I would like to provide each of them their own store and I would fill the orders.

    Is that a little more clear?

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    then you do not really need more sub domains...unless you want to backlink your main site...
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    Thank you for the post.

    How would the person get to the one shopping cart to place their order?

    If anyone is reading this and do websites on Host Gator and could do something like this, for pay of course, please feel free to send me a PM.

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      you will have to pick a shopping cart and see if that is even possible, from what it sounds like you want multiple site installs that use one database?

      what you could do is have one cart page and the sub domains as html sites that link to the cart when someone clicks order now...
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    THAT sounds like what I need.

    Any carts you know which would do this and have diff domains? It seems that but their site doesn't instill confidence. Securecart .com
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    ah ha I think I may have found a good solution for me. Seems like you can do online website design which I obviously really need , multiple stores, unique urls, unique ips(says it is good for SEO if that is what you are into lol, etc.

    americommerce ok to the people who thought I had two heads when I started this thread and others asking how to do something like this lol does this seem like it will do what I want?
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