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Generate Open Graph Meta Tags for Facebook.

I have just added what I believe is a very useful page to a site that I had forgotten all about. It will generate Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags for your site.

Facebook's Open Graph Meta Tag protocol is a bit complicated considering that it only works on a single site at the moment, but it is essential if you are a marketer.

Why bother learning all of the intricacies, permutations and combinations if a simple generator organized like a checklist will do it in a couple of minutes?

What's so cool about this site, after all, it's just Wordpress...

First and foremost, it saves you time of coding these horrid things!
I have used an editable combobox, since the protocol is flexible and facebook adds new 'types' if enough people use the same ones. Scroll down the page to the required tags and you will see "Type" (in the pink highlighted section). The last item is editable!
I have made a code to change the text in a radio-button operated text input box. The second-to-the-last item for Book/Product tags... try checking the radio buttons... cool, huh?
The other stuff are simple Ajax, some jQuery and the whole thing gets run through PHP to generate the code.
There are some cool tool tips... I used dynamic CSS & JavaScript tooltips to create those blue boxes when you hover over certain elements.
Form elements: There is a cool countdown/limiter that limits what may be entered in the description field as you do not want to go over 255 alphanumeric characters.
So go and check it out and generate your Open Graph Meta Tags the easy way and don't waste time hand coding them anymore...


Hope you all find it useful!
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    Hey awesome tool thank you
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    Yes, I'm bumping a 2 year old post to let you know this tool saved my butt. I just used it to embed Facebook OG data into a WordPress post. Specifically I pasted it into Studiopress' "Custom Tracking/Conversion Code" textbox and it worked like a champ. Thank you!

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