Determine the user/country language spoken and diplay accordingly

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Is it possible to display a text in different languages (fr, ru, nl) depending on the browser data (may be).

This is what is my requirement,

I will have a fixed page (url) which will display a text. Now if a user check the same page from France the same text should be displayed in french. The page will not change (or url will not change) but only the text will change to country specific language (fetched from a xml may be)

Your kind inputs will be much appriciated. Thank you for your time.

Javascript + HTML +CSS will be better as I do not have knowledge on .php or .aspx . I'm a beginner in JavaScript and have fair bit of knowledge in XHTML and CSS.

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    There are a few ways that you can do this.

    1. using php and acquiring text from a database depending on what language you need.

    2 Ceate multiple sites in the diffrent languages you need (in the same url) and let the visitor select the languages.

    3 or the easiest one. to use the google api. It will only take seconds to fit this!/translate
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    DON'T force the user to look at the page because of what you think they want. Let them decide what language they want it in.

    Im in Tokyo. I want my webpages in english. Even google gets it wrong. If i go to they force me to look at the page in japanese.

    Myspace, same thing.

    That makes 2 sites that i definitely wont be using.

    The solution is to ASK them and set that in a cookie. They only need to answer once and then its set for every consecutive time they come back.

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