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I am completely new to website design, and I am wondering where exactly I should start. I have never owned a site (excluding a Blogger blog and a freewebs site), but I am very interested in web design. I need THE BASICS please... Where would be the best place to start? I want a site, not a blog, so blogger is out, unless there is some way to make a blog look like a website...? If there is any resources that you could link me to that would be appreciated as well.

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    We've all been there.

    Learn HTML and program your first page using Notepad.
    (If you have the time and the savvy it'll take you a day.)

    Get a domain name and a cheap provider (there are lots at $3 to $5 a month) and launch!

    If I can help let me know. Good luck.



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      Mike offered that you could start by learning html code and I agree but where do you go to learn html code. Here are a couple of links that might help you out. HTML Goodies
      A great site for beginners and old hands like me who forgot something and need a quick refresher. For a free html code writer do a search for BlueFish. BlueFish is a free program that has quit a few pre-written codes so it's often point and click.

      If you would like free templates there are tons of sites to look at, too many to list so again do a search for "free html templates". Once you get a bit of experience go to and you will find almost 4000 scripts that are ready to install. Some are free and some will cost but most php scripts will requier a database back end to run.

      If you need more help ask and you shall recieve.

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    I am completely new to website design, and I am wondering where exactly I should start.
    If I understand this to be true, then you literally have NO experience at all, including an understanding of what type of web sites there are.

    First, figure out what you want the site to do - are you selling a product? Marketing a business? Do you want to ultimately design web sites for other people?

    It's important to ask yourself that question, and important for us to know before giving any advice/guidance.

    If you could post back here and send me a PM letting me know you've reposted I think I could give you a much better blueprint.

    Knowing HTML is very helpful, but not necessary at all depending on what path you want to take...


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    You can use notepad to write HTML, but I think you could also do a quick search on Google for free html editors and find something.

    I would recommend that you learn two areas at the same time. HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

    You use HTML for you content and CSS for you layout.

    Both of these are not hard to learn compared to programming languages.

    Go to They will teach you the basics of both and have a decent online reference once you get going and need to refer back for syntax.

    Once you have the basics under your belt, you can open and site and click "view page source" on your browser. This will allow you to see the HTML that made the page. It is a good way to look at how pages are put together.

    Hope that helps you out.
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      Okay, thank you all for the responses. And crazyinternetdude, I am trying to build simple sites to monetize using adsense.
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    For adsense you obviously need blogging platform.
    Nothing can replace RSS, Ping, Trackback. You can skip it and make manually, but you'll miss a lot of web 2.0 features.

    I suggest you learn.
    1. How to install WP and it's plugins
    2. How to upload and change theme
    3. How to make theme by yourself
    4. In page SEO
    5. Backlinks and more backlinks

    And there you go.

    Wish You All Great Success in 2015 :)

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  • Go wit a blog
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    adsense can be costly as well
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    I just published my first site with a FREE ebook giveaway after going through a FREE study with Chris Farrell online. Its great for beginners and Chris gives great email support. He gives step by step instructions and you'll be surprised at how well you do with it and how much you learn along the way. You'll do well by checking him out.
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    Hey, check out the thread I created. I have 2 free videos up that take you literally throught he html/css building process for a site I just worked on.

    It "should" be helpful, but you may need to learn the basis for it to make sense:
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    I don't know if this can help... but i think, for a beginner website designer, maybe you can try Macromedia DreamWeaver... its easy to use and easy to learn... With DW you easily create a website template and you can save it as a .html format also... So you don;t need to learn a html with notepad cause it's need a lot of time.

    You can visit my website (see the address below my name), all of my website there created using Dreamweaver :> easy to use

    Hope my post useful for you...

    Let me know if i can help you anything ;>
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      If you are still looking for help building your webpages. I think I can help there. Click on my name then go to my home page. It is short and to the point. Then drop me an email if I can help you any more.
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