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I am new at this and would like openions on this question.

As far as links, SEO and another factors, which wold be best??

Say I have the domain name:

Would it be best to have one web site with a menue providing
the verious catagories ie, Wine, Beer, Bourbon, Scotch, ect.

Or, Multiple web sites with sub-domains,, ect.

Thank you for any input

Tucson Dave
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    Example of a subdomain:

    A subdomain is technically a new website. It is not the best thing to do for organizing the content of a website.

    When you use categories, your content is automatically organized in sub-directories such as It's the only way you can organize your content on a website.
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  • Profile picture of the author Deema - is not a sub-domain. It is a page within one domain. Doing that you don't create multiple web-sites. So, those pages are better be connected with each other.

    Sub-domain would be
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    Subdomains are treated as completely different websites so you will have to market them seperately for SEO rankings. Really it's not worth it.

    Would suggest focussing on

    This allows you to build back links for the main website and the page rank flows to the category and other pages within the site. You will save tons of time and energy sticking with marketing only one website.
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    I used a subdomain for my main website and I'm regretting it now. But, I don't want to deal with the hassle of changing it and I'd just go with subdirectories for future projects.
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    Unless you are building stand alone sites with different look & feel then give subD's a miss. That said they can work very well. I used to run 20 off of a domain, but you have to SEO all of them. Works for some but not all.
    One very good use of a subD is for beta testing ideas/seo tactics. I've never got any blow back from google for **** ups done on a subD :-)
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    Due to maintenance, I'd try to group as much as possible under one domain. It's easier to manage and if you rank well fro one pagebut not the other pages, the SEO of the good page will help the pages that ranked poorer.
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