Printable Coupons 1 time - need help.

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HI All,

I have a client that they want to say for example do a coupon that a customer can print off that they then take into 1 of their stores, to obtain there discount.

What I am wondering if it can be done is they want to achieve the following.

1. That the generated code or coupon continues say numerically.
eg: Coupon1, then Coupon 2, then Coupon3 and so on.

It need to be limited to one time download per ip address.

2. It needs to have some sort of measurement scale, to say right 34 people generated and downloaded a coupon code.

They can then see in store how many coupons customers actually bring in.

Can the above be done, and if so with what code, or software.

This will be implemented on a Wordpress platform.

I am wondering if aweber has some sort of function like this as well.

I look forward to some help from anyone out there in internet land.
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