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I am brand new to designing websites but I did some programing back in the day. I am using Wordpress and Flexibility theme. I can switch themes if it is better. I will be using the site to be an amazon affiliate. I am currently stuck on how to design it. How to add pictures and coding the words around it? Any suggestions? Or places I can find videos for guidance? I have looked around youtube already but found nothing helpful.

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    With WordPress, you can insert pictures and text into pages or posts, but the actual theme is controlled by the theme PHP files. Under the appearance tab, you should be able to find an editor that let's you update your theme's files. You can use simple HTML/PHP on those pages to customize your theme. Hope that points you in the right direction. Good luck.

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      So I write my own code correct? I am looking to make 3 columns on the first page of 3 products with code that directs them to a longer review. Advice?
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          Thanks i have a theme but lost as to where to set it up.. I went into control panel and see nothing to set up 3 columns options. Am in the wrong area?
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            wp-admin and search around in there.
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    wordpress is a bit complicated for theme templates..
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      I'm not very familiar with Flexibility theme so if it has a built in 3-column layout and/or Amazon integration, my apologies. Usually if the themes are that flexible (couldn't resist) all you have to do is create a new page, and on the right side there's a dropdown box for "Page Template." Most themes have a bunch of page templates, including ones for full-width, 2 column and 3 columns.

      If that isn't happening, my suggestion would be to pay a Wordpress developer $20 to add a new 3-column page template to your theme and provide training on how to specify that certain pages/sections (or all pages) use the 3-column layout. I'm new to WF so if it's bad karma to suggest hiring out please PM me and let me know.

      There are Wordpress experts trolling 24/7 on sites like oDesk and vWorker, you could hire someone tonight and have it done by the morning.


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    I'm using WP and I don't need any programing knowledge, just use good theme, and you don't need that, but if you wan't to do more than just that...
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      Great information. I guess i am stuck at the point that i have a theme that other's enjoy using. I have wordpress set up. I am just stuck at the point of how to add products on, writing/design content. Basically I have the lay out just dont know how to fill it in.

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