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Hello all,

First off glad to be a apart of this community since there are so many valuable posters here and i have learned alot already. Im looking to implement my first website but im having trouble discovering what the best hosting is and is there really a big difference between who i go with. My criteria includes

*Cheap pricing
*Being able to pay with paypal since i do not have a credit card
*Support in Canada

What other features/characteristics make up a good hosting company/a bad one and can anyone suggest some good ones with the above criteria.

Thanks for your help in advance and sorry if the question was too basic but everyone got to start somewhere.
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    I used to only use but I have gone to in the last year or so and will soon have all of my domains transfered over ther. Hope it helps.
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      Hostgator - reliable, good customer service, paypal friendly
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  • I like hostgator as well and do all of my sites through them.

    Generating Revenue since 2000, what are you waiting on?

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      I give Hostgator a big thumbs up too
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    i used Godaddy for all
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    Use Hostgator , it give unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth and space for cheap prices..
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    I use both - HostGator and GoDaddy. Both accept Paypal, but, only Hostgator uses cPanel for webmasters. cPanel is easier than what goDaddy offers for file managment addon domains and sub domains.
    the package deals vary for each, sometimes you can find HostGator discounts for 9.95m with 5.00 domain registration. If you want more info, let me know

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    I get my domains through GoDaddy and host on HostGator. I have to say that HostGator's support is amazing, by far the best I've even encountered.

    A few of my domains are Canadian (.ca) purchased through, I also host these on HostGator.

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    For me it is AND it has a great affiliate program... if you decide to sign up for IPOWER please PM me so that i can give you my affiliate link.. if you sign up using that link ill earn 100.00 wont lose anything you'll just help me to earn money AND you'll have a great hosting!
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    Yea I buy my domain names from Go daddy but host with Hostgator because go daddys hosting is very hard to use
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