My site vanished from Google need need advice

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I recently put together a small local wordpress site for a friend. When it was first picked up it was on page 13 in google search results for my keyword. I began working on more seo using a wso I purchased that recomended about a dozen different pulg-ins. The site is now gone from the search results and I'm concerned that something I have done has gotten me a penalty? It ranks well in yahoo and will still show up in google if I search the url but its seems to be gone otherwise.

The site is and the main keyword I was trying to rank for was catering oakville / catering in oakville (Oakville is a town in Ontario Canada)

Any advice or thoughts would be a great help.

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    Have you used Google's webmaster tools yet? If not, I'd create an account and link the site to it.

    With webmaster tools you can see your site through Google's eyes. If you are banned, it'll tell you there as well.

    - Mercer
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    I think your site is in sandbox. Wait 1 week and let's see if it's back again. In the meantime please use Google webmaster tools to get the site reports.

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      Thanks for the respones your advice is appreciated.

      Sorry Joe I couldn't pm you back due to my post count but will work on what you suggested.

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      I don't think your site is in Google's sandbox. Type you can still see many urls indexed. One of my friend's sites used to be in Google's sandbox. I saw nothing when I type If your friend's site is new it is probably unstable. I think it will show up when it becomes stable. If I were you I would not worry about it.
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