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Hi fellow Warriors...

I am just about to upgrade my hosting. I was looking at the business and reseller and also VPS accounts at Host Gator.

Is anyone familiar with these different accounts and could recommend one for a business that has about 5 sites, with product downloads, to date, but will have many WordPress and non WordPress sites to host in the coming weeks.

What is the main difference between the business and reseller ??

Many thanks

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    Reseller is meant for selling hosting accounts to other people. I would recommend business for you.
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    How much traffic does your site get?

    I would personally stay away from the big hosting companies, they are often slow, and will not allow very high traffic sites without forcing you to switch to a VPS.
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      I read the report you recommended and settled on a Hawk host reseller account. They said that I could upgrade to a VPS as soon as I was ready.

      I am in the account but must admit, I haven't a clue where to start to set up my first webspace in here.

      I don't suppose that any of you Warriors could direct me how to start with WHM?? (Which I assume stands for Web Host management).

      I have attached a screen grab of my hosting - maybe someone could explain what it all means, or knows of a guide that explains is all and how to set up sights within the hosting site?

      Many thanks

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    I know this response is late. I have both a business and reseller account with Hostgator. Really, it all depends on what you do. If you build websites for lots of other clients, you are probably better off with a reseller account. A reseller account with Hostgator allows you to setup separate sub-accounts that can each have SSL certificates. The business account allow allows for SSL, but not with so much flexibility. Hope that helps!
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    I've used hostgator, and others and they're all the same. basically if you go to account mangement on the left - and then click on Create/Add Account - you can do it that way. Just fill in the fields and you're set. But you should be able to call your provider for support. I left Hostgator and Inno because of lack of help. I'm with websiteme now and they taught me a lot. but just check google, there's lots of resources out there. Let me know if you get stuck, or PM me and I'll see if i can help you.

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    As brianman pointed out it really depends on whether or not you need SSL certificates for your websites. If you DON'T need SSL certificates for your websites you should just go with a Business Plan. The Business Plan with HostGator includes a single SSL certificate with the plan, and you can add on as many additional domains as you want. I believe the Business Plan is right around $15 a month.

    However, if you're going to need SSL certificates on 3 or more websites it would make more sense to go with a Reseller account. Simply because with the Baby, Hatchling, or Business Plans you can't have more than 1 domain using an SSL certificate. With the Reseller Plan you can have as many SSL certificates as needed. To get a bit more technical, it's because of the ip addresses. You need a dedicated ip address in order to get an SSL installed. You are only allowed a single dedicated ip address on each of the regular shared hosting plans, whereas on the Reseller Plan you can get a dedicated ip address for EACH domain name.

    Getting the SSL installed is a bit of a pain, but I wrote the following guide to walk people through it: Obtain and Install an SSL Certificate

    The guide is really more for people with a single domain on a regular shared plan, but the basic idea would work for websites on a Reseller Plan as well.

    Let me know if you have questions or need any help along the way.. I've had a TON of experience with installing SSL and have dozens of stores on HG hosting.
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