What Framework should I Use? Please Help

by Mr.S
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Can anyone that has an experience tell me what is the best framework to use to create website such as elance or getafreelancer or guru.com etc. I am not interested in couple of the scripts that are clones of these website as they are not easy to work with ad have a lot of other problems
Would wordpress be a good framework choice or maybe drupal and develop customization of these?
I would appreciate your input. Please give me a reasons why you would choose that framework.

Thank you
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    Now putting aside the "lot of other problems"... if scripts that were made to do exactly what you are after are difficult to work with - why do you think using a CMS and forcing to do things they are not supposed to do would be easier?

    Just trying to understand your approach...

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    anything can be used when u have the skills on that.
    wordpress, drupal, joomla or custom php all r good if u r good at them.....

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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        Wordpress is probably one of the best bets. If you have questions, you can ask on forums such as this and you will hear plenty of ways of doing what you want in WP.
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            Joomla, Drupal, and WP can all work for you. You will have to research the extensions/plugins available with each CMS(Content Management System) needed to achieve your desired result. All have plugins/extensions that will allow postings, payments, etc - like (elance or getafreelancer or guru.com).

            Search: job board plugin for wordpress

            Search: job board plugin for joomla

            Joomla is also a very strong CMS.
            Reason - Many Extensions AKA Plugins to choose. Joomla has a long history dating back from its Mambo Open Source days. In my experience, Joomla has a very knowledgable user base and strong community. Check it out. Extension directory is listed on the site.

            Best of luck with your new site!
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    Drupal if well coded by any experienced developers might be able to achieve the results. Or you might get a custom coded website.
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    thank you. I am considering wordpress i hope that is a good choice. Thanks all for an input
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