A Couple of Web Hosting Questions About Control Panels

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I have used 2 different web host control panels - CPanel, and Plesk (). Can anyone tell me the names of any other control panels that are common nowadays? Don't care if they're crappy - just need to know if they exist...

Also, does anyone know which control panel GoDaddy.com uses? While we're at it, does anyone have any particular recommendations for web hosts? I know a lot of marketers like HostGator (and so do I)...


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    About control panels, there are a lot of other control panels used like..OpenPanel..VirtualMin, HSphere, etc..

    About hosting, I guess hostgator and bluehost are the best ones..

    I use bluehost, and I have never had any problems ever, they have great customer support and automatic backups as well.
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    cPanel is certainly one of the most common among shared hosting.

    Others to look at would be directadmin,ensim,helm,plesk and H-Sphere.
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    I prefer cPanel and personally avoid web hosts with anything else. I mostly use HostGator for all my websites. To answer your question Godaddy uses their own control panel on Plesk.
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    As replied, yes, other control panel do exist. I prefer using cPanel and most of our clients use the same. It is easiest to manage. Also, it has great one-click installation applications.
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    cPanel is the best for my opinion. I use only cPanel and I stay away from other type of control panels. In our company we sell only cPanel accounts after hard research and we are happy for our selection.
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    host gator and blue host are best in my opinion. And they provide great customer support and automatic backups as well.
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    The most popular panels have been listed.

    Wikipedia lists a bunch of panels Comparison of web hosting control panels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    I have used Dreamhost in the past and I really liked them. They have some sort of custom panel they developed themselves. I liked it better than CPanel, but it took a little to get used to. I had some problems with HostGator but I have heard good things about BlueHost, although I have never tried them.
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    I myself use Underpriced host. They have the conventional C-panel, but...and this is a long but...you really have to know what you are doing. Not much of a learning curve.But they are cheap, averages out to $5 a month. Also, they do not offer "live" support but I believe as they pick up new customers they will eventually get into that.
    But yeah, there are more than plenty of host out there, but you really do have to research for yourself which best suits your needs.
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