Please review my new Web Design Portfolio site

by andrej
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Let me know what do you think of my new site:

It's a site on which I'm starting offering web design services for my clients from my country (Slovakia).
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    cool site andrej... add more informative one.
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    Your site does need quite a lot of work to be honest. Firstly, it only fits half the page, and when your a website designer it needs to be perfect. As when you make your first impression, no one will pick you if its not.

    You need to put an about me page, let the clients get to know you. Provide a phone number, email address, skype whatever you can and try to put it on a master page such as the nav bar in the top right for example. Provide a picture of yourself, again on the master page, this immediately makes your service more appealing.

    On the references page, make each image a clickable link to a page for each site you have created. In each page, post a lot more images and a bit about the site you made. This will make your service look a lot more proffesional. Also Ask your previous clients if you can provide a link to their site to show your clients what you can do.

    Im afraid there is a bit more work to do, see what other members think and incorporate the ideas your site. Dont do what a lot of people do and sit by because they personally think everything is fine

    Good Luck!
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    I like the way it looks like, really. Good job!
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    Hey bro,

    Honestly, the overall design of the site is nice, I like it - it's minimalistic yet modern and stylish and shows off your work nicely on the front page.

    It does need a little bit of work though IMHO - first of all; information!

    I can't read the language so I don't know what it says, but you need more information on the website on the whole - also I would recommend you get hold of some Testimonials from satisfied customers and boast them on your website - in the web design market/industry good testimonials about Time, Quality and Customer Relations can make a massive difference.

    Finally, I recommend you consider looking into Typography. Personally I find the Typography on some of your example sites looking a little amatuerish, which is a shame because the overall designs are beautiful.

    I hope I was helpful brother,

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    Thank you guys for your reviews and suggestions.
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      Great start on your site. I think it is difficult to do your own site. As a designer you want it perfect . . .and then there is the upkeep to keep it current with the latest trends.

      That said, my suggestion echos the ones before me, but I also would recommend a way for a new client to contact you. Make sure the form asks questions you need answered up front to consider them as a new client.

      All the Best

      Theresa 8-)

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