How to change the "Page title" for different

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pages in WP?
As I understand, Landing page should have big and attractive title.
And other pages like "about" of regular articles should have normal headline.

So, on the one hand, allot of marketers tell me that title for the page is a must for SEO etc.
Other says I can live the "page title" blank, and then inside the page edit the headline how I want.

I'm not talking about the "Header".
And I've also managed to change the pages titles color via css file, but still it's the same for all the "page title" in the site

So, what do you do about it?
Is there some code to put in the CSS for different pages?
Or if I have inside landing page i can live its "page title" blank because only one page in the site without a title is not so bad?
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