How to Deliver Ebooks to Customers

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I have written ten ebooks. I will write more. I want to know how can I automate the process of having the ebook sent to customer (after the ebook is paid for).

I am interested in an affordable, secure, easy automatic delivery system. I am designing my own site and do not have programming experience.
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  • Profile picture of the author Karen Blundell is your best bet and will cost you $5 per month for up to 10 products. After that it goes up incrementally
    here's a link to their pricing:
    E-junkie - Pricing

    now if you don't want to pay a monthly fee you can purchase DLGuard.. I don't have a link but if you Google it, you'lll find it. Cost is $97 one time fee. A lot of warriors use this
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    You can also use the open-source stuff that is out there...

    Both offer contributions/add-ons for downloadable products. You can limit the number of downloads, & password protect the downloads.

    You install these on your site, or now offers hosting and includes the download add-on.

    - Davis
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    I'd outsource someone to design the site for you.... that way you know its been done right
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    Another way is to compress/zip it with a password and put it up on free file sharig sites. Get freely available PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) script and put it on your server. Then put a PayPal button script with link to your IPN on your sales page. Modify the IPN script mail message to include the password for your zipped file.
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    Thanks for the nice info MarkH45...

    So we need to pay two kinds of fees:

    1. $10/month for product storage
    2. Commission charged by payment gatway...

    Am I right? I am very much new to this field.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd recommend getting a professional to set it up for you. You can find professionals to do what you want (even help you write your future e-books) at Elance | Connect with Qualified Professionals I use them and so far I'm pleased with how they've helped me. Granted, I only wrote 3 e-books.

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    You can use your own download page and use software like dlguard dot com (don't have enough posts to post a proper url) to protect it. Once they purchase you send them to the protected download page and they can download off there.
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    I just posted my first site with a FREE ebook giveaway. I learned how to do this as a beginner from Chris Farrell-online. it's a great FREE study if you want to check it out. It will give you a way to get your ebooks out there on your own site.
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