whats up will go with hostgator need a little help though

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Just wondering whats the create a website like on there?
How do I use amazon, adsense, clickbank, and other affiliate programs on the create a website?
Also I want to make niche sites,and info sites just wondering how affiliate programs work when transferred.
My first niche I want to make will be about video games, also.
I wish there was affiliate links for guild wars 2 lol would make a lot money with that.
About articles whats your guys idea on that I was going to go with Mass Article control and submitter.

thanks for the posts on my first post in website design
Also can you cancel hostgator any time?

kind regards, skyler
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    Hi Artesim21,
    Ouch a lot of questions in one post, but let's give it a go...

    You asked "What is the create a website like on Hostgator?"
    In short ANY of these create a website options on any host are pretty much a waste of time because they are ALL template based, therefore search engines like Google have seen them time and time again, needless to say to promote one of these from scratch, you are fighting an uphill battle.

    You Asked "How do I use amazon, adsense, clickbank, and other affiliate programs on the create a website?"
    The answer to that would be enough for a book, but in short all of these have a chance of earning you monies in some way or another. Amazon pays commission based on a percentage of the sale price, this is usally pennies and will never pay for your time on the site. Adsense is Google's advertising option whereby Google place ads on your site based on what it thinks the content is about.
    If you do choose one of the standard templates DO NOT use either of them, as they will hardly earn you a dollar a month, as no one will find your website and the rewards if they do are so low, it's not worth spending money to promote your site.

    Clickbank - This is not so bad, as "Games" as you say you want your sites theme to be about can lead on to many products on Clickbank. Basically if you find a good Clickbank product that fits into the theme of your site, you could earn some pretty good money as an affiliate. But be warned that is ONLY if visitors actually buy products that you advertise through your Clickbank affiliated URL. The advantages of this are you could potentially earn enough from the Clickbank product that you are advertising to pay for the promotion of your own site, but don't count on it.

    Regarding Articles, many of the sites that were great for posting articles on ezines etc are about to be dropped like lead balloons as Panda (Google's algorithm) kicks in. The best place by far for Articles is on your own website. but to compete in the Games market as you suggest, you will probably have to do a lot of writing or subcontract the writing to stand a chance unless you can afford a Quality SEO (you won't earn enough in my opinion based on your current web knowledge) to get results.

    Your other questions roll into the above answers I think.

    Sorry if that was a little rushed and disheartening, but I would rather give you the truth than know you are spending endless nights flogging a dead horse.

    Best regards
    Arran Wood
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    thank you for the info, so what would be the best option to get started online?

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