My Site Design Sucks....But I'm On The First Page Of Google

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I have a site trucker-cap-world(dot)com that is #7 on the first page of Google. It's getting nice traffic and has for a few months now, but the design and layout is pretty much terrible and it doesn't convert very well.

Can anyone give me advice on wordpress templates that would be good to use or does anyone design sites for affiliate marketers? Any suggestions would be great as I feel this site can make more money than the little it's making now.

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    I would:

    * Re-do the navigation, make it horizontal underneath the header. Use drop-downs if you have to.
    * If you really want the navigation to stay where it is, make the links bigger. Their kind of getting lost right now in my opinion.
    * Re-position the adsense block. It's the first thing that caught my eye, taking me away from the products you sell/promote
    * Lighten things up - play with some other colour schemes
    * Make the content column wider, allows you to show more products above the fold.
    * Is the content below the product thumbnails necessary? I mean, I've just scrolled through 15 different products, do I really want to read 6 paragraphs? If your going to keep it, add some call to actions there or something to keep the visitor on the site.
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      Tomos Wyn - Those are exactly what I'm looking for. I've made a very small amount of money and I feel like the site lacks a bit of credibility in the look and feel. Thanks for those tips and ideas!
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      Tomos - I feel that the content below the images of caps is one of the main ways I got to page one of Google. It's focused on my main keyword. Do you think adding some text links to the other pages would help?
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      sumonrahman - I sort of combined two systems of affiliate site creation. I used one system to do the keyword research and build keyword focused content pages and the other system to create the site, submit it RSS feeds, get it indexed, build backlinks etc.
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    Feel free to contact me for changes to your site. I know Wordpress very well.
    Need Help Growing Your Audience?
    Let an experienced Marketer help! PM me with project details.
    Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.
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      KyleGolem - Can you post an email address? I can't PM you because I don't have 50 posts yet.
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      dbdnvikas - Can you also post an email address? I can't PM because I don't have enough posts
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      LakiPolitis - I was generating Amazon revenue, but they no longer allow affiliates in Illinois. Right now it's mainly Zazzle and Adsense. And while there is money coming in, it's very small and I feel like with some changes it could actually generate a decent little bit of money. Thanks for your ideas with adding social media and a newsletter. I never thought of that and you're exactly right, the site simply is just a doorway.
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  • Profile picture of the author Web Tempest always solved my new wordpress design problems. Even if you don't buy - the quality is very high so you can get ideas on what to look for in the free sites.
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      Yea head on over the themeforest they have a boat load of themes that will make your site look amazing.
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        How are you generating revenue? Ad Words and Amazon/Zazzle affiliate links? Because you don't convert anyone on your site for anything. No newsletter, no social media, no nothing. Your site is pretty much just a doorway. Try offering more, and you'll see your numbers improve.
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    How do you cached #1 on Google?
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    NBianco - no problem. If you need any help e.t.c then you can get in touch with me (my link is in my signature).
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      Tomos - I'm going to check your link out now. Thanks for providing one!
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