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my url is

This is a website I have had for 2 months and I am ranked highly on google for all my keywords and get well over 100 views a day now. I realize that isn't high for a lot of people but for me its very high.

I am selling my ebook on it and get maybe a sale once every two weeks and with roughly 1,000 viewers a week thats awful.

I know my website is obviously not very good, but can you all please critique it? I am willing to revamp the entire thing. Thank you.
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    Couple things.

    1.) You need to create a navigational menu. You have no menu, there's just too much stuff on the page.
    2.) Your site comes off as spam. There's ad words everywhere, it's jammed full of content, and it doesn't really require any interaction
    3.) Your site redirects from the root domain to a subfolder and page. That's not good.

    Google "well designed websites" and get some ideas. organization is key.
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      Originally Posted by LakiPolitis View Post

      Couple things.

      1.) You need to create a navigational menu. You have no menu, there's just too much stuff on the page.
      I do agree with his comments. In fact, the very first thing I've noticed is the absence of menu. Not all people like to scroll all the way down to your page just to see your product/service so you have to give them alternative direction. Plan the structure of your website well to make it organize. Organized site is great for search engine and visitors.
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    I do agree that your site looks very cluttered, like spam/scam type site. If you could provide a bit more info and less of a very obvious sales pitch it might look a bit more inviting and trustworthy. Maybe try moving all of your testimonials to a new page, and make a more professional looking design than just white with a blue background.
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    I can see the reasons why you get High PR on the search engines.
    The contents of your site are very relevant and very clear.
    Keep it updated and keep putting relevant data on it.
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      Getting rid of all the ads would be a great start. They are very distracting and may cause people to leave your site without buying anything.
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    You could do with a logo or banner across the top of the site in place of where it says 'how to run fast' in plain, boring text. First impressions count for a lot! Also down the sides you have plain blue.. how about some nice wallpaper relating to what you are selling? the main body looks good enough to me.. kind of standard for a site selling just one people are probably used to this type of layout for this type of site (the long downward scroll) just don't make it too long or else it gives the reader the bottomless pit feeling! And one last tip - add a JavaScript (try jquery) 'back to the top' button at the bottom of the page!
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    For this type of site invest in a minisite designer.

    get rid of the adds and concentrate on what your selling. i just got the impression you wanted me to click the adds all over the page, i was more intersted in looking at the adds and not your content.just wanted to leave it well alone.

    The site is poor,badly layed out, poor graphics, too many adds, adds not even related to your subject, did you get a copywriter for your pitch ?. i would not buy from this site.

    Even if you can not afford a copy writer get a minisite designer, you will seel more products this way and look proffesional. ditch the adds.

    Give everyone a chance

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      does anyone know where I can get a quality minisite designer?
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    I think your header is too colorful and doesnt help your site at all.

    your baby blue background is not working for my eyes either.

    you also have some pretty big paragraphs, your should consider not having more than 4 lines per paragraph, their just easier to read.

    Your testimonials, are good, and impressive... however you can do a much better job at displaying them. forget the distracting colors on them, make them simple and easy to read. consider placing the teams logos on the pictures as well. they will be instantly recognizable, and add some credibility builders.

    you might want to consider adding an optin form to capture leads and keep marketing to them your product. you can set up a 8 email sequence where you pitch your product to them twice a week for a month.

    Keep it simple, and easy to read, you dont need crazy colors and gradients, a simple minimalist design can work for you.
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    Don't try and put everything on one page.
    Split the site into sections. I'd suggest 3 or 4 sections, each linked from a content box on the front page, all side-by-side and visible "above the fold":
    - an overview of the contents
    - testimonials from (pro) athletes
    - product description: it's a book/ebook, how long it is, how much it costs, preview link
    - possibly an "about the author" page to show your credentials

    Don't use blue underlined text that isn't a link. Don't do all the "this is a great deal!" stuff - better to let people make up their own mind on that!

    Overall, make sure you get a great and easy to scan and navigate website, because that's what people want from a book. If you can't design a good website, people won't have much hope that you've designed a good book!
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    Need to improve website design part so that you can get more number of potential visitors.
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    Too much colour - stick to a simple yet effective colour scheme and try to get rid of the multi coloured text boxes, keeping it simple in my opinion adds more credibility to a product and would make me take it more seriously!

    Good luck,
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    The first thing you should do is to remove the redirection to .../Isometrics/how_to_run_faster.html. If you only have this single site, why not put it in the main dir as index (main file)?

    About the design: You should really look at some other websites and see what they are doing different/better than you and than go from there.
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    I mentioned before about a minisite designer, If you are changing the site your self you need to look at a color scheme. I can see you have changed it but it still looks to hit you in the face when it first loads up, it's too busy looking.

    The dark colors and deep blue background just don't go together, there's too many different colors through out the site including the graphics and the text.

    I personly would change the header , use lighter colors and only use a maximum of 4 colors through out. As mentioned above split the site into 3 or 4 areas, Use your main page (index / home page) to concentrate telling people about the product, its benefits,Why they need this information, how will help them etc... etc... . Max of 2 to 3 realy good testimonials on your main page ( not as big as they are now ) and the rest on an other with a link to the page. You Need to make the site more clean and pro looking and you will retain more visitors on the site which in turn will more than not lead to more sales.

    I understand you have not had the site up long and are probably a bit dishearted geting comments, but this is only to try and help.

    This just my opinion only , some might think otherwise.

    Give everyone a chance

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    Hi broosa7, I just wanted to give you an idea about colors. I have made something up In photoshop and then put into a quick website , Don't look at the spelling i did everything realy quick to give you an idea only.

    You might likr it or it's not to your taste, see the screen shots i did with different colors, imagine the colors you would like that all fitt round the graphics.Attachment 10386

    Attachment 10387

    Attachment 10388

    Give everyone a chance

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      Okay buddy. The site will fly, just a couple of things... Take your "order now" link and move it to the bottom. People want to see that it works for others first. You can replace that with a "small" anchor link that will links itself to where it should be at the bottom of the page... Next, your gonna need a privacy policy and a contact page! If you are dealing with anything that interacts with google, they "want" to see it. Not required though (such as adwords). Its recommended at the bottom of the page ALTHOUGH I personally put it in the top links of my page to show prospects no "funny buisiness" here! Your testimonials, a bit too long... With all do respect... Shorten the best three or five so that your prospects are most likely to listen to make them more inclined to buy... I can tell it's a PLR site and there's is not a damn thing wrong with that, you just have to tweak it to meet your personal traffic needs... Your opt-in form (for mailing and leads) obviously needs centered... Put your real name in there and maybe a picture of you. I personally had this problem of showing myself back in the day, but once I did, my conversions raised respectively. People want to know who they are buying something from... Hope this helps man...
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    Go with a dark grey background, the blue is annoying not comforting.
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    I agree with komplex, it hurts the eyes a little bit, I think it would make a huge difference. I also think the words "add to cart" are spammed way to much. if you change that, I think you will see some improvs
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    The bright blue and red colour scheme is a bit confronting as the first thing the audience sees. Try a more subtle look, it will look more professional. Take inspiration from other successful websites with the same selling ideas as yourself. All the best!
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    Colors are very annoying and you need to work more on the theme. Make it web 2.0
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    As for me, colors are very bright. I advice you to redesign your website in pastels.
    Also I don't like 1 page design. But in general it is quite nice)
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    My bounce rate since I updated my site a week ago is roughly 95%. I realize this is poor. From what I am gathering it is most likely that the colors are too strong and just don't appeal to the audience. I also would like to take out the "add to cart" buttons and only leave one at the bottom. Truthfully, I realize that a one page sales page is not ideal. When I started off with making this website I created this ebook by myself because I knew it delivered results. I had done the things described in the ebook to be a very successful athlete and still play professionally. I did not know what it would take to get people to actually buy the book I just hoped because it was a good product people would purchase it. I am ranked highly for a few keywords on google but now realize that maybe two out of my six keywords are actually keywords in which people are looking to buy somethings. Ultimately, I would like to start a blog and put that blog with the same url as I have now since it gets over 100 unique visitors a day. I would update that blog regularly, offer tips on training on the blog, and sell other products along with my ebook. Is that even possible to substitute a blog in the same url from say blogger? I wish I had done all the research that I am doing now on this forum before I had started because there is just way too much good information available to anyone who is interested. Thank you for all the help and I welcome more critiques.
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      Actually, I think the new design is okay and I dont think that the design is the reason for the incredible high bounce rate.

      My guess is that the pageload speed is the main reason. I am using a fast internet connnection (5mbps) and your page took 46.5 seconds to load.

      Here is something you should really read:

      - Zona research said in 1999 that you could lose up to 33% of your visitors if you page took more than 8 seconds to load.
      - Akamai said in 2006 that you could lose up to 33% of your visitors if your page took more than 4 seconds to load on a broadband connection.
      - Tests done at Amazon in 2007 revealed that for every 100ms increase in load time, sales would decrease 1%.
      - Tests done at Google in 2006 revealed that going from 10 to 30 results per page increased load time by a mere 0.5 seconds, but resulted in a 20% drop in traffic.
      Now considering this facts above, what do you think people do when a page (like yours) takes over 40 seconds to load? Yeah right, 95% will just close the page.

      The main reason for this catastrophic pageload time are your images.

      Here are a two suggestions to get you starting:

      -reduce image size by reducing image quality.
      -dont use images for things you can achieve using html+css styling too. (for instance all kind of texts, backgrounds, borders, boxes etc.)

      Optionally, consider using another (faster) webhosting. (probably costs you a little more, but will def. help)

      Optimize your page and I bet you will see a dramatic increase of visitors who are actually staying on your site and probably even buy the ebook.
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        When I go to open the page it takes 2 seconds at the most. I realize that you would be 100% correct if it was taking everyone a long time (>5s) to load the page. Is anyone else having trouble with this? I currently host the site on godaddy.
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          Originally Posted by broosa7 View Post

          When I go to open the page it takes 2 seconds at the most. I realize that you would be 100% correct if it was taking everyone a long time (>5s) to load the page. Is anyone else having trouble with this? I currently host the site on godaddy.
          it probably takes YOU 2 seconds to load, because you have visited the page before and therefore all images are saved in your chache.

          Try to press ctrl+shift+r to force a complete reload and while doing so, open up Firebug with the Pageload plugin and you will see what I mean.

          Also I am not talking about how long it takes till the website "appears" but how long it takes untill everything (all images) are completly loaded.
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    What are better serves where my webpage can be leaded in the right amount of time?
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    Before you start thinking of using another webhoster, you should follow my advices:

    and reduce image quality (size)
    remove images where you can achieve the same result with html+css

    Do that, check your page load speed again and than maybe think of a new, faster server, when the load time is still so high.
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      I just did a test at WebWait - Benchmark Your Website with my site and the average load time after 5 tries was .50 seconds
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        Well, let me tell you this: no1 will ever be able load your website in 0.5 seconds with all this images on your site... no idea how that service is measuring time, but you better off measuring it yourself with Firebug to get a realistic time.

        What you do now is totally up to you, but I tell you again:

        Follow my advices and at least reduce image quality!

        Gotta go now, so take care!

        p.s. you should note the primary measure time (thats what people will wait, when they are the first time on your site) and there my result was: almost 50 seconds!)
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          Yes, I would agree with taking out the multiple 'add to cart' buttons.

          Surely no one is going to click to buy until they have seen the price so why not wait until after you have given this very imporant bit of information.

          Your testimonials are very impressive and add to the product a lot.

          But to me your money back guarantee is totally worthless as you have no contact detaills at all (as far as I could see). So how do I know you will still be around to honour it if needed? Even an email address would give you a bit more authority.

          You also have the very impressive list of 'as seen on' at the top - but no links to more information on this, meaning a cynical person like me will just think 'yeah, right'.
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    I’m not an expert, the site looks very well and the testimonials style is awesome.

    With internet explorer 9 the “get free preview now” overlay on the left picture so is can be confusing. in Firefox everything is ok.

    The guarantee image size is 621kb so try to reduce the size and check others images as well.

    Try to not use the inline css code and create a separated .css
    Don’t forget to add links to your footer like About us, Contact, Privacy etc..

    But overall I would like to run faster

    Hope this help
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    I don't know why but your site seems as fraud...
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    I have not had time to read all the comments above so sorry if this is repeating!! I would take off the bright blue background, its very bright and clashes with the red you have on the text
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      Originally Posted by sdesign1 View Post

      I have not had time to read all the comments above
      Then do NOT post a reply... just to pimp your sig.

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  • Profile picture of the author broosa7
    Hey guys, thanks for all the great input

    I took away all of the add to cart buttons except for the last one. I also feel as if I should take away the first email list signup and just leave one on the bottom of the page. For those who's load time was poor has it improved? Also I would like to change the blue on the sides, what colors do you all recommend to change it to?
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